Vanessa Hayes was crowned Miss Santa Cruz 2023

This May 13, the most beautiful woman of Santa Cruz was chosen in the Siriono Hall of the Expocruz Fair, she is Vanessa Hayes Miss Santa Cruz 2023. Check full results and The successors of Camila Sanabria Miss Santa Cruz 2022 & Miss Universe Bolivia 2022, Lizizie Salvatierra Srta. Santa Cruz 2022, Nathalia Aguirre Miss Litoral 2022 and Yerline Hurtado Srta. Litoral 2022:

  • Vanessa Hayes (@vanessahayess ) Miss Santa Cruz 2023
  • Darla Reyes (@darlareyes.b ) Srta. Santa Cruz 2023
  • Fernanda Balcázar (@fernandabalcazarc ) Miss Litoral 2023
  • Selva Jiménez (@selvajimenez ) Srta. Litoral 2023

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Sat, May 13, 2023: Today Vanessa Hayes is judged new Miss Santa Cruz 2023, the winner against 15 Contestants at Salón Siriono, Feria Exposición located at Address: 6Q8R+66W, Av. Mara, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia by The Jury Panel including Mary Pereyra, Paola Coimbra, Andres Beard, Andrea Abudinen, Katherine David, and Ximena Vargas.

The Live Streamed Grand Finale & Coronation Show Miss Santa Cruz 2023 Pageant for Miss Bolivia Universe, a Promociones Gloria presentation can be watched here:


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