Maya Ramsahoye is crowned Miss Queen of the World 2024

Canada wins the Miss Queen of the World 2024 Crown

The successor of Miss Queen of the World 2023, Krishangee Gauree of India, Miss Queen of the World Canada, Maya Ramsahoye is crowned as Miss Queen of the World 2024 at the end of Grand Finale & Coronation held and Live Streamed from The pageant venue, The Peter Jay Sharp Theatre at Symphony Space on Thursday, April 25, 2024 starting at 5:30pm.

Ramsahoye is owner of MIЯROR Consulting is a cosmetic consulting company that offers makeup artistry, skin & makeup consults, personal cosmetic shopping, private lessons, & workshops. Last year as Miss Queen of the World Canada 2023, she launched her platform EveryBODY telling "I wanted to create something larger and impactful to more audiences, with the basis of inclusivity, creativity, beauty of all realms while still incorporating the goals from my original platform of embracing diversity, being authentic, and having a healthy mind-body connection."

Check more updates at her Insta handle @mrramsahoye. She also trains models at Chan Intl Model & Talent.

Winner's Statement

3 words to describe how I feel right now; grateful, honoured, ecstatic. I don’t think it has sunk in yet but regardless I am so excited for what the next year of my reign has in store. I cannot wait to represent this @queen_of_the_world_pageant_ title and continue my work with my platform, my company, and the individuals who inspired and motivated me to be where I am today. Thank you everyone from the bottom of my heart

Sometimes back Miss Canada, Maya Ramsahoye explained Purpose. Miracle. Creation. Gratitude saying "I can honestly say this year was all that I hoped for and of course more than I could’ve imagined. 2023 for me, was a year of lessons. I will gladly take all that I’ve learned from this year and use it to propel myself into 2024. I am excited for the adventures, opportunities, lessons, and experiences up ahead.
A question we’re all asked is “What is your New Years Resolution?” Well, mine is to not fear power. Accept change as a positive force. Believe in magic. Prioritize love & passion. Take risks. Challenge yourself. Step back and breathe it all in. See what allowing the universe to take over brings you. I’m along for the ride.
Cheers my loves xoxox wishing you health, wealth, and happiness!"

The Lidaza Jewelry Designs ( from Alberta, Canada sponsored the amazing jewelry which Ramsahoye showcased at Miss Queen of the World 2024 pageant. The owner Lisa Basisty remarks "..she captured this title and I could not be happier…. So proud to be her jewelry sponsor…. I made her several pieces for her outfits and more casual wear and then these gorgeous moon and star earrings with the yellow dress…." Check pictures and video presentation. Logon to the website and check Jewelry made from gemstones, wood, glass, rattan to ?Elevate Your Style with Exquisite Handcrafted Jewelry.?


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