TV Zimbo Beauty in Poetry Miss Angola World 2022 Election Gala on Fri, Nov 11th

Miss World Angola 2022 Grand Finale on Nov 11th on Angola's Independence Day

This year 20 Contestants are vying for Miss World Angola 2022 Grand Finale, scheduled LIVE @ Zimbo TV on Fri, Nov 11th, 2022 commencing at 8:00 PM UTC+1 on Independence Day of Angola, the successor of Ruth Carlos Miss World Angola 2021, the winner in 20 Contestants will be crowned new Miss World Angola 2022 / Miss Mundo Angola 2022.

Vote Your Favorite for Miss Cidadania / Miss Citizenship @ Gala Miss Angola Mundo 2022

Mon, Nov 7, 2022: Unitel S.A. Angolan Mobile Phone Company is powering SMS Based Online Voting for Miss Cidadania at Miss World Angola 2022 as per official announcement by The Miss Mundo Angola Organization led by Mukano Charles, Executive Event Producer for Miss Angola Portugal and UK Gala, National and International Kizomba Competition and Miss & Mister Angola Mundo Gala.

Nellah Tavar and Bonifácio Aurio are Entertaines at Gala Miss Angola Mundo 2022, The Greatest Stage Of Angolan Beauty And Culture Hosted by Presenters Neurite Mendes Miss Africa 2017, TV Host, CEO of Rozira Beauty and Esmeraldo Baptista Digital creator, TV Presenter / TV Host and Showrunner Tv Zimbo

How to Vote Online for Your Favorite Miss World Angola 2022 Contestants?

  1. Check The Official Facebook Announced for your favorite candidate's picture with candidate number
  2. Text SMS at 19669 with the word VOTE to the Contestant's Number
  3. You Will Receive A Thank You Text
  4. This Way Voting Cometes

Results WINNER: Florinda Amélia José Miss World Angola 2022 (Miss Mundo Angola 2022)

Check 20 Contestants Vying for Miss World Angola 2022 / Miss Mundo Angola 2022 Crown

Note The Contestant Number for Voting SMS to number 19669, powered by Unitel

  1. Jurema Chipato
  2. Ana António
  3. Esmeralda Francisco
  4. António João
  5. Elizandra Mussengue
  6. Edvânia Soares
  7. Maria Ngoio
  8. Adélcia Dala Pires aka Adelaine Salino
  9. Helena Dos Santos
  10. Dorivalda Júlio
  11. Suzinásia Nathel aka Paulo Zola
  12. Câmbizi Saco Ngaca Aka Sara Câmbizi Ngaca
  13. Josimária Tomás
  14. Emiliana Massuquina aka Emiliana Milênia
  15. Celina Francisco
  16. Pamela Esteves
  17. Mara de Sousa
  18. Florinda Amélia José
  19. Isabel Jacinto
  20. Inês Emilia António


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