The Streaming of The 20th Anniversary The Miss Globe 2023 World Final in Albania on Friday, November 17th: Check Full Results

Friday, November 17, 2023: Check The LIVE Stream from from Sports Palace, Durrës Here:

Result WINNER: Manvin Khera The Miss Globe 2023 of Malaysia

  • Katia Agbodo Rodriguez 1st Runner-up of Spain 
  • Anna Valencia Lakrini 2nd Runner-up of Philippines
  • Duru Esther Chidera 3rd Runner-up of of Nigeria
  • Kirstin Yvonne Bangs 4th Runner-up of USA

TOP 5 The Miss Globe 2023

  1. Manvin Khera of Malaysia
  2. Duru Esther Chidera of Nigeria
  3. Anna Valencia Lakrini of Philippines
  4. Katia Agbodo Rodriguez of Spain
  5. Kirstin Yvonne Bangs of USA

TOP 15 The Miss Globe 2023

  1. Sonia Sallaku of Albania
  2. Huang Shiyao of China
  3. Aishwarya Paatapati of India
  4. Melissandi Matthews of Jamaica
  5. Alina Plakhotniuk of Kazakhstan
  6. Lilly Sødal of Norway
  7. Dominika Staniaszek of Poland
  8. Pimjira Jaroenlak of Thailand
  9. Myroslava Lisikhun of Ukraine
  10. Daniela Rosales Marquez of Venezuela

Special Awards @ The Miss Globe 2023

  1. Miss Friendship: Alyanna Joelle Santos of Hawaii
  2. Miss Photogenic: Nina Puangtip Malichanh of Laos
  3. Miss Talent: Manvin Khera of Malaysia
  4. Miss Bikini: Laura Catuzzo of Brazil
  5. Miss Runway: Sonia Sallaku of Albania
  6. Miss Elegance: Helena Cermáková of Czech Republic
  7. Miss Tourism: Olha Shcherbaniuk of Germany
  8. Head-to-Head Challenge Winner: Neenã Macaïre Bezuidenhout of South Africa
  9. People’s Choice Winner: Melissandi Matthews of Jamaica
  10. Golden Girl: Olha Shcherbaniuk of Germany
  11. Dream Girl of the Globe: Mija Sterjovska of North Macedonia

Miss Talent Show FINAL LIVE on Nov 13th from Teatri Bylis

Streaming NOW Miss Talent Show FINAL Live from Jordan Misja Artistic Lyceum @ The Miss Globe 2023

Monday, November 13, 2023 is the day to enjoy LIVE Streaming of Miss Talent Show Grand Finale @ The Miss Globe 2023 or join in-person at Jordan Misja Artistic Lyceum, the music school located at Rruga e Elbasanit, Tirana 1000, Albania. The Talent Final commences at 11:00AM CET / 5AM EST.

The Jury members at the Talent Show Final are:

  • The Special guest and Jury member at The Miss Globe 2023 is Elton Ilirjani, a Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, Social Media Activist, International Model & Fashion Icon who promotes the importance of equality and freedom of expansion thought the concept of genderless modelling. Ilirjani is famous for the quote “It is our time to seek justice because every human being on earth deserves it.” E.I.
  • Elizabeth J. Cron - An American Actress and International Beauty Queen who won many crowns since 2014, including International Ms. 2022, Ms. Romania and Miss World International 2021, Check more at the Official Website, CEO, Administrator and Director at CronicLove Productions, Coach & Director at Pageant Lab Modern Pageant Academy, Traveler at Travel Cronicles.
  • Hygerta Sako - She is Miss Albania 1995 and Top 12 Miss Europe 1996, TV Host & Journalist, Football Reporter And Author, currently working as an Albanian sports journalist at RTSH.
  • Eraldo Rexho - a Journalist who is Founder & Creative Director of Revista Who Magazine and Selfie Museum Albania
  • Fiordi Pernaska
  • Xhesika Polo

Anabel Payano, The miss globe 2022

Drita Ziri is the HOST of Talent Show whos is Miss Shqiperia (Albania) 2022, Miss Earth Albania 2023 and 2nd Runner-up & Miss Bikini at the Globe 2022

Miss Talent Show 2ND Semi-Final on Nov 10th in Kompleks Kalaja

Friday, November 10, 2023 at Hotel Kompleks Kalaja at Rruga Princat Topia, Kavajë, Albania is home too the second part of The Miss Globe 2023 Miss Talent Show 2ND Semi-Final which is treaming LIVE at URL

Miss Talent Show First Semi-Final on Nov 8th in Teatri Bylis

Wednesday, November 8, 2023: Today the part one first semi final of Miss Talent is streaming LIVE from Teatri Bylis, a Theater in Fier, Albania at URL

Result: The Miss Globe Brazil, Laura Catuzzo is Miss Bikini

Streaming Now Miss Bikini Show @ The Miss Globe 2023

Tue, Nov 7, 2023: Miss Bikini competition is streaming Now Live from Diamma Resort, the 4-star hotel at Rruga Kompleksit in Golem, Albania at at 15:30 (GMT+1) / 10AM EST. A 6-member jury panel is judging more than 50 contestants representing their countries.

The Jury Panel members at Miss Bikini Competition are:

  1. Hygerta Sako, an Albanian sports journalist at RTSH who was Miss Albania 1995 and Top 12 Miss Europe 1996
  2. Amelia Luadhi, @ameliaamarina,
  3. Fiordi Pernaska, a serial entrepreneur, inventor and sustainable innovator, born in Paris, France, raised in Tirana, Albania and living between Milan, Italy and Dubai, UAE. He serves currently as the CEO of ONUS, a high-tech sustainable company having various.
  4. Anabel Payano, The Miss Globe 2022 from Dominican Republic
  5. Pirro Beati, Freelance Photographer at Beati Photography, and 3d Artist, Founder of ONUS mission Media Magazine Podcast and Origin Production, Art director at OVERSPORT
  6. Franceska Rustem, Albanian Model

Watch LIVE The MISS BIKINI Competition @ Miss Globe 2023 here

The LIST of Contestants at The Miss Globe 2023 20th Anniversary Edition

The Top 5 Most Voted in Online Voting are JAMAICA - 24%, DOMINICAN_REPUBLIC - 18%, USA - 9%, THAILAND - 9% and JAPAN - 6%

Online Voting is LIVE Here -

Update Nov 13th - Above The Globe Voting Online has Only 52 Contestants (No 1-No. 52) but Social Media Lists 63 Contestant

  1. Albania - Sonia Sallaku
  2. Australia - Karin Yi Wen Beh
  3. Belgium - Laurine Remans
  4. Bosnia And Herzegovina - Hana Vilic
  5. Brazil - Laura Catuzzo
  6. Bulgaria - Elena Petkova
  7. Canada - Szarmaine Daliva
  8. China - Huang Shiyao
  9. Colombia - Luisana Muñoz Bayona
  10. Czech Republic - Helena Cermáková
  11. Dominican Republic - Alesandra Meléndez
  12. Egypt - Shorouk Elzoghbi
  13. England - Tamina Falzon
  14. Estonia - Lisa Shefer
  15. France - Elsa Watrin
  16. Germany - Olha Shcherbaniuk
  17. Ghana - Melissah Kissiwa Adjoa Mintah
  18. Greece - Mary Ioanna Sbora
  19. Hawaii - Alyanna Joelle Santos
  20. India - Aishwarya Paatapati
  21. Italy - Raffaella Ligorio
  22. Jamaica - Melissandi Matthews
  23. Japan - Nao Kawada
  24. Kazakhstan - Alina Plakhotniuk
  25. Kosovo - Simonda Pacolli
  26. Laos - Nina Puangtip Malichanh
  27. Malaysia - Manvin Khera
  28. Mexico - Alexia Briviesca
  29. Montenegro - Ivana Radenovic
  30. Nepal - Roshani Chand
  31. Nigeria - Duru Esther Chidera
  32. North Macedonia - Mija Sterjovska in voting page & Facebook, Eva Jovanovska as per old post
  33. Norway - Lilly Sødal
  34. Peru - Mercedes Osorio Vidal as per latest Social Post but Giuliana Valenzuela mentioned in voting page - Vidal is Top Model Peru 2023
  35. Philippines - Anna Valencia Lakrini
  36. Poland - Dominika Staniaszek
  37. Portugal - Diovanna Dutra
  38. Romania - Rebecca Ioana Voicu
  39. Russia - Olga Akchurina
  40. Scotland - Ellie Daglish
  41. Somalia - Iman Farah
  42. South Africa - Neenã Macaïre Bezuidenhout in Voting Page & Facebook and Jané Bacher as per old Social Post
  43. South Korea - Dayeon Han
  44. South Sudan - Yar Elizabeth Dau Wal
  45. Spain - Katia Agbodo Rodriguez
  46. Sweden - Karin Sofia Sjöberg
  47. Taiwan - Lo Yeng
  48. Thailand - Pimjira Jaroenlak
  49. Ukraine - Myroslava Lisikhun
  50. USA - Kirstin Yvonne Bangs
  51. Venezuela - Daniela Rosales Marquez
  52. Zimbabwe - Amanda Ngcono Nkomo
  53. Argentina - Adelina Morzan
  54. Belarus - Anna Bykova
  55. Denmark - Nicole Suhan
  56. Gambia - Gloroiuos Haddijatou Njie, Miss Gambia 2022/2023
  57. Haiti - Gagne Midrene
  58. Vietnam - Nguyen Thi Thu Trang
  59. Switzerland - Tamila Lambrecht
  60. Moldova


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