The Qualified Educator Vonesa Alijaj was crowned Miss Earth Kosovo 2022: The Pageant Journey

Vonesa Alijaj has competed in Miss Earth 2022 as Miss Earth Kosovo 2022 where 85 Contestants joined the Grand Finale on Tuesday, November 29, 2022 at Okada Manila Stage. She was not placed in semi-finals

Tue, Oct 10, 2023: Originally Vonesa Alijaj  was crowned Miss Earth Kosovo 2021 at the pageant venue Adorions Amor Palace at Tirana - Durres Highway, Tiranë, Albania on Friday July 9, 2021 at Miss Universe Albania & Kosovo 2021 Pageant.

Vonesa Alijaj is an educator, model and activist; and speaks Albanian, English, French, Luxembourgish, German and Spanish. Vonesa also founded Vlorentis - an educational organization for everyone.

Alijaj was born in The Luxembourg in 1996 and became Miss Luxembourg 2015. She was crowned Miss Earth Kosovo 2021.Gjakovë's Alijaj updates at @vonesa Insta Handle.

Winner's Statement

Miss Earth Kosovo Miss Earth Kosovo 2021 has said as winner on Saturday, July 10, 2021 "I am so grateful for the last few months because of the beautiful time I had, the people I met and for the great experience.  
These have been difficult and exhausting months but at the end it was all worth it since now I get the opportunity to represent my country, Kosovo, in the best way possible.  
This experience allowed me to become more confident and grow within myself but mostly become the woman I’m proud to be today.  
This said, I wanted to thank the organizer Eduart @eduartdeda and his team, but also to thank all the Misses I could meet and have a great time with.  
A big thanks to my family and friends for always supporting me and never giving up on me." Check here the crowning moment video.

Alijaj has told the world about her Miss Earth participation on Monday, August 29, 20233 "I am happy to announce that I am finally competing in Miss Earth this year to represent my country. I will do the impossible to reach my goals and let my voice be the voice of every citizen. In my second slide you can see an interview that I had after winning Miss Earth Kosovo. We talked about a topic concerning all of us. Our environment. Even at this last hour we still have a choice about our future and every action we take from this moment forward counts. We must embrace a strong vision of a better future. See you soon Philipinnes!" heck here the visuals.

Alijaj has chosen The Balkan Lynx, one of six recognized subspecies of the Eurasian lynx as her as special fauna at Miss Earth.

She says "The Balkan Lynx is one of the rarest cats in Europe, and is listed as critically endangered. Balkan Lynx play an important ecological role. It targets smaller prey species that reproduce relatively quickly."

As model, The Kosovar Beauty Queen Vonesa Alijaj measures 174 cm - 34 in - 27 in - 38 in. She revealed her memorable moment as "When I was crowned Miss Earth Kosovo and saw in my parents’ eyes how proud they were. Even if I was born in Luxembourg, my country will always be Kosovo."

In addition to the Albanian language, she also speak 5 foreign languages, French, German, English, Luxembourgish and Spanish.

She recalls "When I think about my growing up years, I see a happy girl who was fully loved and cared for by her parents. However, she was shy and struggled with her self–confidence. Her shyness caused her to be reserved around others and stopped her from discovering herself. For example, I always wanted to do ballet, but I couldn’t overcome my anxiety."

I have my parents, 3 siblings and 1 brother. We are a big family with different personalities. However, we get along very well and learn from each other. They always give me a boost to keep chasing my dreams and without them I wouldn’t stand today where I am. I am thankful to have them.

Although I’m afraid of heights, I wanted to challenge myself and skydived from 3,962 meters.

Instead of using car, use sustainable transportation (bicycle, public transportation)  
Respect the wildlife  
Reduce meat consumption  
Eat local food  
Consume less, reuse (for example second-hand) and recycle  
Volunteer and plant a tree  
Spread more awareness on social media

Kosovo has a young population, and it makes me proud to see the youth engaged and motivated to achieve a better future. They have big dreams and a positive mindset. I am proud to see a woman as the head of the state, who is an inspiration for all the young girls in Kosovo and of course for me. And lastly, I am proud of the biodiversity and beautiful nature my country has. I'm hopeful this resilience and determination can also be adopted by how we learn to take care of our country's natural habitats and wildlife.

My advocacy is educating the youth generation about the importance of our planet and its future. I want to teach them the impact of global warming and to learn how to adapt to climate change. It is vital to act now and be an example for our next generations. Our future leaders.

Source: MissEarth.TV


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