The 17 Miss Universe Angola 2023 Contestants on LIVE Grand Finale July 22nd: Check Results

Sat, Jul 22, 2023: The brilliance of Angolan women rocking the stage of Miss Universe Angola 2023 is promised to to be a show of beauty, elegance, and talent by the Comité Miss Angola Oficial Organization. Today on Saturday starting 17:30 Brazilian time and 21:30 Angola time, 17 Miss Universe Angola 2023 Contestants will present their best in the Grand Finale which will broadcast everything on the UMiss channel, available on the SoulTV platform. he event will be Streamed LIVE by TPA to watch online on YouTube of @umisstv and @missangolauniverso.

The Miss Universe Angola 2023 Coronation Gala is LIVE at URLs , and The Organization has made an statement on Stream Failure saying "Warning: the transmission link signal coming from Angola has experienced technical problems. The local contest team tried to adjust and fix the glitch, but they could not fix it in time. So, to ensure that everyone can attend Miss Universe Angola 2023, we will later show the recorded version on our program. After receiving the program that was aired in Angola, we will disclose the date and time of the broadcast on the UMiss channel through our social networks and official channels. We appreciate everyone's understanding and we look forward to counting on you to award the incredible candidates of Miss Universe Angola 2023!"

The Reigning Queen Swelia Da Silva Antonio Miss Universo Angola 2022 will crown her successor at the end of final competition. The Judges are:

  • Fernando Baptista, a Pilot
  • Egídia Torres Miss Angola 1999
  • Carmen Mouro a businesswoman, author and presenter of the program "Tu Consegues com Carmen Mouro"
  • Pedro Fernandes, a journalist with more than 20 years of career, married and presenter of Manhãs na Lac
  • Paula Mendonça de Sousa is a lawyer by profession, Member of the Association of Women with a legal career and teaching in higher education.
  • João Baptista Brás is a Missionary, Journalist trained in Goa - India, and Social Entrepreneur. He is the president and founder of the NGO JOBAB @jobabsocialprojects Social Projects, which created the first eco-school in Angola, where the fee is paid with "garbage".
  • Marcelina Vahekeni is a multifaceted woman, graduated in Human Resources Management and with a successful career as an entrepreneur. Her dedication led her to national recognition, being crowned Miss Angola in 2012.

Miss Angola Universe 2022 was LIVE and available to watch FREE Globally at URL which was a more than five hours stream.

Result WINNER: Miss Diáspora, Ana Coimbra Miss Universe Angola 2023

SMS Based Miss Popularity Voting Opens for 17 Miss Angola Universe 2023 Contestants

  • 1st Runner-up is Miss Bengo, Tatiana Manuel Primera Dama
  • 2nd Runner-up is Miss Namibe, Eliane Cavelho Segundo Dama.

Public is allowed to Vote for their favorite candidate to win her Miss Popularity UNITEL Angola @unitelangola

  1. Miss Bengo, Tatiana Manuel, SMS VOTE with the text Bengo to the number 19658
  2. Miss Benguela, Daniela Soares, SMS VOTE with the text Benguela to the number 19659
  3. Miss Bié, Andréia Muhito, SMS VOTE with the text Bié to the number 19660
  4. Miss Cabinda, Madalena Camango, SMS VOTE with the text Cabinda to the number 19661
  5. Miss Cuando Cubango, Leonilde Samba, SMS VOTE with the text Cuando Cubango to the number 19662
  6. Miss Cuanza Norte, Paula Martins, SMS VOTE with the text Cuanza Norte to the number 19664
  7. Miss Cunene, Fernanda Trombeta, SMS VOTE with the text Cunene to the number 19663
  8. Miss Diáspora, Ana Coimbra, VOTE with the text Miss Diaspora to the number 19674
  9. Miss Huambo, Jumara Sebastião, SMS VOTE with the text Huambo to the number 19665
  10. Miss Huíla, Jéssica Luís, SMS VOTE with the text Huíla to the number 19666
  11. Miss Lunda Norte, Anita Pedro, SMS VOTE with the text Lunda Norte to the number 19667
  12. Miss Lunda Sul, Silvana António, SMS VOTE with the text Lunda Sul to the number 19668
  13. Miss Malanje, Estefânia Lucala, SMS VOTE with the text Malanje to the number 19669
  14. Miss Moxico, Jerusa Domingos, SMS VOTE with the text Moxico to the number 19670
  15. Miss Namibe, Eliane Cavelho, SMS VOTE with the text Namibe to the number 19671
  16. Miss Uíge, Elmira Pascoal, SMS VOTE with the text Uíge to the number 19672
  17. Miss Zaire, Marcelina Mussungu, SMS VOTE with the text Zaire to the number 19673


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