Teresa Sara was named Miss Grand Angola 2022 on Fri, Sep 9th

Miss Grand Angola Organization announced Teresa Sara as Miss Grand Angola 2022 in Luanda, Angola with a Grand Presentation Video

Friday, September 9, 2022: Teresa Sara has just won the Miss Grand Angola 2022 belt and will represent the country in the international contest scheduled for October this year in Indonesia.

Graduated in Law and also an entrepreneur, Teresa Sara is the newest Miss Grand Angola 2022, having been crowned by Márcia de Menezes, Miss Grand Angola 2021, in an intimate ceremony that will be marked in her life.

To PLATINALINE, Miss Grand Angola 2022 said that one of her focuses is to continue to invest in her career as an entrepreneur so that she can become a successful businesswoman and serve as an inspiration to other women.

“I want to continue working in the field of entrepreneurship and be a successful businesswoman so that I can inspire other women, and I intend to be a lawyer, continue to work with social projects, and one day create an NGO”, she said.

It is worth remembering that Teresa Sara Miss Zaire participated in the Miss Universe Angola 2022 national contest, ranking in the Top 10 and is currently the third representative of Angola for Miss Grand International, which was successfully represented for the first in 2015 by Meriam Kaxuxwena top 20, and in 2021 by Márcia de Menezes top 20 and Best National Costume.


Teresa Sara, age 25, a businesswoman, employer, law graduate, philanthropist, and social volunteer. I am happy to work and do what I wanted from a young age, especially working as a social Volunteer, and I feel privileged to represent the young women of the Republic of Angola at Miss Grand International 2022.

As a young girl growing up in a country ravaged by civil war, pageants showed me that a better life was possible. I was inspired by the grace and glamor of the women representing their countries – and their dreams – in an event that celebrates beauty, the beauty of humanity.

Now it is my chance to inspire the next generation, and I hope I succeed in this.

Taking responsibility to help provide for my family and myself from a young age, I discovered that I have a natural entrepreneurial streak. From tutoring my classmates to pay for my law degree, to building an online fashion brand and business, as well as owning and managing a fleet of taxis – I successfully combine the commercial world with the world of style.

The contest celebrates young women who demonstrate a special blend of these qualities. our beauty and appearance are important (to our self-esteem, beauty being subjective). but an attractive woman has to be complemented with intelligence, making her a much more complete woman and having something to contribute to society. , and so that young people can be inspired by it not only in her beauty but also in intelligence and what she has to give them more beauty.

About Márcia de Menezes aka Márcia M. A. de Menezes Miss Grand Angola 2021 and Winner The Best National Costume Miss Grand International 2021

Márcia Marília Agostinho de Menezes 28 years old, graduated in computer engineering, entrepreneur in the technology and agriculture sectors, Márcia represented Angola in 2021 in Thailand.

Marcia took the Angolan flag to the next level with her participation in Miss Grand International, taking with her in typical Nzinga Mbandi attire, coming out as The Best National Costume of the night.

Márcia was classified in the competition with the twentieth place.

Miss caught the attention of Asian stylists receiving love and affection and conquered her space in the Asian continent.

About Meriam Kaxuxwena Miss Grand Angola 2015 and TOP 20 Miss Grand International 2015

With great pride we present the first Miss Grand Angola, participated in 2015 and once again raised the name of our flag.

It will always be an honor to have women with determination to give way to their dreams and goals and give voice to their projects in order to help children, think about education and peace in the world.

is an honor for us to be part of the Grand International family, we feel that we have grown together and have helped to give visibility to our country and the beautiful women warriors with great expectations around the world.

Meriam occupy the twentieth position.

Mon, Sep 5, 2022: The Official Facebook Page of Miss Grand Angola Launched -> www.facebook.com/missgrandangolaofficial

Wed, Aug 31, 2022: The Insta Handle at www.instagram.com/missgrandangola goes live which marks the beginning of Miss Grand Angola 2022 Pageant.

Angola has only 2 participation in Miss Grand International Pageant. The Contestant is Meriam Kaxuxwena Miss Grand Angola 2015 and seconded by Márcia de Menezes Miss Grand Angola 2021.


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