Rigelsa Cybi was crowned Miss Earth Albania 2022 by Ornella Karruku

Miss Earth Journey: Rigelsa Cybi Miss Earth Albania 2022

Top 5 Miss Universe Albania 2022 and Miss Bikini, Rigelsa Cybi Miss Earth Albania represented her country at the Miss Earth 2022 Pageant, the 22nd edition, at the Okada Manila in Parañaque, Metro Manila, Philippines with Grand Finale on Tuesday, November 29, 2022.

Wed, Oct 11, 2023: Rigelsa Cybi secured Top 5 placement at Miss Universe Albania & Kosovo 2022 held on Friday, Jun 10, 2022 in Venom Nightclub located at Address: Magjistralja Prishtinë-Ferizaj, km 5-të Prishtina, Kosovo. She was chosen to represent Albania at the 22ND Miss Earth 2022 pageant.

Tirana's Cybi, 25, competed at Europe Continental Group and Water Elemental Group for Albania,

Rome-based actress and model Rigelsa Cybi has been crowned as Miss Earth Albania 2022 at the conclusion of Miss Universe Albania pageant.

Rigelsa has a degree in dentistry and has also studied law and acting. She is a member of an organization that promotes awareness on violence against women.

Miss Earth Albania, Rigelsa Cybi Eco-Activity: Explore the blue eye

Cybi shared a detailed video revealing her eco-activity in the In the Miss Earth 2022 pageant which says:

South of Albania there is a spring called the blue eye, a name that comes from a legend about a great snake. It is said that years and years ago the snake was born from the blue waters of saranda, considering itself the owner of that place, it killed and devoured anyone who arrived in those woods.

One day, however, the man tried to kill him, by burning him, the snake then invoked the help of his sister earth, and of his brother sea, who protected him by making him go underground and creating what today is the source, so called because the source is considered the blue eye of the snake.

Nobody knows its true depth because the currents do not allow you to explore it, the water temperature is about 10 degrees Celsius.The first to explore up to 50 m depth was the Albanian diver Xhemal Mato.

In the green, and you can also find beautiful tree houses, among the olive trees. Unfortunately, however, there are also those who do not respect nature and tend to pollute it, in my small way I collected the rubbish I found along the road. Much love Miss Earth Albania - Rigelsa Cybi Miss Earth Albania 2022

I am Rigelsa Cybi Miss Earth Albania 2022.

Albania is the most environmentally
sustainable nation in Europe at least as
regards the production of the
electricity 95 percent of energy
production derived from state-owned
hydroelectric plants along the course of
the arrival dream the longest in Albania
are the hydroelectric plants of fears
komani and valleys and the latter plant
alone provides 19 of the national
electricity production
in 2016 the energy Ministry declared
that the Albanian climate is
particularly suitable for solar energy
the Balkan country also has a thriving
vegetation with its six national forests
24 reserves and 2 000 natural monuments
Albania is a country very rich in
archeology and today still preserves an
ancient language folklore and
traditional popular dance
the later over the centuries then spread
to Italy and throughout Europe the
Albanian language is also the oldest of
the European languages
Albania is a country that opens up to
the world with its great Beauties in one
of the most evocative and heightened
corners of the old continent My Chosen
fauna is the Golden Eagle considered the
King of the sky in Albania it is very
present especially in the Albanian Alps
it is very important for us actually it
is present also in our national flag
I am
a woman of the Earth


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