Paula Henríquez was crowned Miss Grand Chile 2023, Wins Top 18 Miss Grand International 2023

The Miss Grand Chile 2022, Karina Pérez Gres has crowned her successor Paula Henríquez as Miss Grand Chile 2023 at the end of Grand Finale at the Teatro ICTUS in Santiago de Chile on Sunday, June 18, 2023.

The Runners-up are Camila Joscelyn (Santiago Centro) and Francisca Ramírez Matta (La Reina)

Henríquez competed Miss Grand International 2023 and returned with Top 18 placement.

She also was RHA Chile 2021, Miss Ultra Universe 2020-2021, and Miss Universo Santiago 2019.

Paula Henriquez @pauhenriquezv, 27 Graduated from theater, she works as an international model and having a passion of being a beauty queen. Her passion keeps her life going and being happy. She speaks 3 languages since she had lived in 3 different countries. That experience taught her a lot about how beautiful cultural diversity is.

She is interested in sports, singing and art, which help her grew up to be a disciplined and responsible woman. She believes she can evolve herself each day, also reading metaphysics, psychology, and self help books to learn more about people and energy.

Check The List of Contestants Vying Miss Grand Chile 2023 Crown

  1. Miss Grand Antofagasta , Naribe Diaz
  2. Miss Grand La Reina , Francisca Ramírez Matta
  3. Miss Grand Las Condes , Paula Antonia Henríquez
  4. Miss Grand Navidad , Melissa Astur
  5. Miss Grand Pudahuel , Sofia Astur
  6. Miss Grand Santiago Centro , Camila Joscelyn
  7. Miss Grand Arica , Yulitza Angulo Tello 
  8. Miss Grand Curico , Cecilia Castilo 
  9. Miss Grand Ñuñoa , Macarena Flores 
  10. Miss Grand Machalí , Angie Marin Quiroz 
  11. Miss Grand Puerto Montt , Alejandra Tautin 
  12. Miss Grand Viña del Mar , Michaella Navarro 


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