Olga Chavez is crowned Miss Santa Cruz 2024 for Miss Bolivia Nationals

Watch Live Stream and Check here the new Srta. Santa Cruz 2024, Miss Litoral 2024 and Srta. Litoral 2024 who are also crowned in 2024 Edition of Miss Santa Cruz Pageant

At the end of Grand Finale & Coronation Show held by Promociones Gloria on Sunday, April 27, 2024 the new queens of the Santa Cruz department were crowned as given below:

  1. Miss Santa Cruz 2024: Olga Chavez @olga.chavezi
  2. Srta Santa Cruz 2024: Stephanie Alvarado Saucedo @stephiealvarado
  3. Miss Litoral 2024: Katherin Sosa Vaca @kathesv03
  4. Srta Litoral 2024: Marieta Serrate @marietaserrate_

All the new queen will represent their department at the National Pageant Miss Universe Bolivia 2024 Finals organized by Miss Bolivia Nueva Era @MissBolivia.NuevaEra.

The Live Streamed Coronation Show is available to watch here with Full Results:


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