Miss Universe Albania and Kosovo 2021 Schedule, Candidates, Results Online LIVE

The Grand Gala Event Also Election Albania's Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss Earth along with Miss Universe Albania & Kosovo 2021 Winners

About: Miss Universe is an annual international beauty pageant run by the Miss Universe Organization. Along with the Miss World pageant, Miss Universe is considered one of the two largest beauty pageants in the world in terms of prestige and popularity. Miss Universe is considered one of the most important cultural events (along with the Olympic Games, the FIFA World Cup, and the World Fair). The contest was founded in 1952 by the California clothing company Pacific Mills. The parade became part of Kayser-Roth, and then the Gulf + Western Industry, before being won by Donald Trump in 1996. 
The parade airs in the United States on NBC-TV, continues in Spain on Telemundo, and Webcast on XBOX Live. In 1998, Miss Unverse changed its name from Miss Universe, Inc., to Miss Universe Organization, and its headquarters moved from Los Angeles, California, to New York City that year. Donald Trump brought in a new team of competition professionals led by its new CEO, Molly Miles de president Maureen Reidy. 
The competition will use the slogan "Redefined for Today" to promote the parades. 
In 1998, the logo of Miss Universe was born - "The woman with the stars", which represents the beauty and responsibility of women around the Universe. 
Currently Miss Universe is Mary Jean Lastimosa, the beauty 
Miss Universe is part of the Big Four Pageants of beauty. 
Since 2002, Albania has participated in the beauty contest in "Miss Universe". While Kosovo began to have its representatives as a state only in 2008. Some of them have managed to enjoy fame beyond the borders of this competition, such as Angela Martini or Marigona Dragusha.

ONLINE Results LIVE from Tirana's Adorions Palace, Albania:

  • Winner Ina Dajci Miss Universe Albania 2021 @inadajcireal
  • Eugena Lushaj First Runner Up for Albania @xhenalushaj
  • Top 16 for Albania and Kosovo 2021
  • Fabjola Elezaj Second runner up for Albania @iamolaelee
  • Winner Ornella Karruku Miss Earth Albania 2021 @ornellakarruku
  • Winners Ioanna Kiose Miss World Albania 2021 @joannakiose
  • Winner Shkurtesa Sejdiu aka Tuti Sejdiu Miss Universe Kosovo 2021

Contestants List Miss Universe Albania Competition 2021:

  1. Anelisa Saliaj, 19, Vlorë
  2. Artiola Tragaj, 26, Vlorë
  3. Dejsi Demaj, 20, Vlorë
  4. Denada Doda, 20, Mirditë
  5. Eugena Lushaj, 22, Shkodër, @xhenalushaj
  6. Evi Mera, 19, Dibër
  7. Ina Dajci, 27, Tiranë, @inadajcireal
  8. Fabjola Elezaj, 18, Shkodër, @iamolaelee
  9. Frida Ndoci, 22, Shkodër
  10. Joanna Kiose, 24, Berat, @joannakiose
  11. Jona Nikolli, 19, Rrëshen
  12. Kasandra Muja, 21, Durrës
  13. Klea Metaliu, 19, Tiranë
  14. Klea Muça, 18, Tiranë
  15. Kristina Niçaj, 18, Berat
  16. Megi Gjonçe, 18, Fier
  17. Ornella Karruku, 23, Tiranë, @ornellakarruku
  18. Patricia Aliaj, 22, Tiranë
  19. Pegi Shehu, 23, Tiranë
  20. Sara Domi, 21, Tiranë
  21. Serena Kote, 22, Elbasan
  22. Sindi Drala, 25, Skrapar

Contestants List Miss Universe Albania Competition 2021:

  1. Emigreta Krasniqi, 18, Pejë, @emigretaa
  2. Yllka Lohaj, 20, Ferizaj, @yllkalooh
  3. Dijana Shkodra, 24, Gjilan, @dijanashkodra
  4. Tuti Sejdiu, 19, Gjilan, @tuti.sejdiu
  5. Vonesa Alijaj, 25, Gjakovë, @vonesa
  6. Ditona Muriqi, 18, Pejë, @ditonamuriqiii

Miss Universe Albania and Kosovo.2021 / Miss Universe Albania 2021 / Miss World Albania 2021 / Miss Earth Albania 2021 / Miss Universe Kosovo 2021

Venue: Adorions Palace, located at Address Tirana - Durres Highway, Tiranë, Albania 
Schedule: Friday, July 9, 2021 at 21PM 
Tickets, Streaming, People's Choice Voting and Event Details Official Website:: www.missuniversealbania.al | www.instagram.com/missuniversealbania 
People's choice voting for Miss Universe Albania & Kosovo: Vote for your favourite now! @ www.missuniversealbania.al/vote 
Live Stream and Broadcast: Vizion Plus and Klan Kosova 
Hosts and Entertainer: Albanian artists Dafina Zeqiri, Alban Skënderaj, Anxhela Peristeri, Redon Makashi and Kamela Islamaj 
Current Crown Holder: Paula Mehmetukaj Miss Universe Albania 2020 and Blerta Veseli Miss Universe Kosovo 2020


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