Miss Global Afghanistan, Nina Zirai says May Afghanistan rise like a Phoenix from the ashes to a life in human dignity

The Afghan Beauty Queen, Nina Zirai is competing Miss Global 2023-24 Pageant in Cambodia and Vietnam on Thursday, January 18, 2024

The 35 Year Old Polyglot from Kabul, Nina Zirai opens her heart as Miss Global Contestant telling about herself, her country and goal of life. Miss Global Afghanistan 2023, Nina Zirai holds a degree. M.A. in Intercultural Leadership and Management. She is available at Instagram handle @z_miss_nina having 25 posts and 250 followers.

Ziral told recently "Thank you for bringing out the best version of myself" sharing this image.

Read her touchy words here:

As a three-year-old child, I started life socially less privileged, arriving as war refugees from Afghanistan to Germany with my parents and my newborn brother (pashtun father and jewish mother).

However, I had the luck to have free access to education and grow up in a secure country. I was able to go to a high school, graduate from university with excellence, learn eight to ten different languages and finally enter the job market, in order to become an independent and educated woman. Researching about my Afghan roots, sadly decades of war, economic collapse and humanitarian crises are prevalent.

Particularly for females and children life conditions are at high risk, since women‘s rights to work, access to education and health care are being restricted.

By competing as Miss Afghanistan for the Miss Global title, I intend to remind the world of the Afghan people and not let them be forgotten. It is an opportunity to support humanitarian projects and the diaspora.

My wish is to inspire Afghan women to have hope for a change, no matter how hard their social circumstances might be right now.

May Afghanistan rise like a Phoenix from the ashes to a life in human dignity.

Zirai has appealed "VOTE for me: You can do this at the Miss Global App AND in addition on the Website Missglobal.com/vote once for free. Any additional votes from the same device are possible for a donation. Just click the star and that is it. Thank you Manana & Motchakeram"

Image: Official Insta @z_miss_nina where more pictures are posted.


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