Miss Angola Holanda 2024 Pageant and Results

The Comité Miss Angola Holanda has announced the details of upcoming Gala Miss Angola Holanda / Miss Angola Netherlands 2024 on May 18th from 19:30 to 3h00 in BREDA as per social media @missangolaholanda.

The Miss Angola Netherlands 2024 / Miss Angola Holanda Gala will be a night of much Glamour and Celebration, get ready for an unforgettable night of Angolan beauty, culture and tradition, which will take place on May 18, from 7:30 pm to 3:00 am, at SULTAN PALACE.

This year's theme will be - CARBON CREDITS, a theme that aims to enable tourism in Angola through our Mayonbe forest, the forest is the second largest oxygen lung in the world, right after the Amazon located in Brazil.

Come and learn more about the topic.

Witness the crowning of the new Miss Angola Netherlands and vibrate with the contagious energy of two great Angolan musicians SCRÓ QUE QUIA AND KANDA, who promise to liven up the party until late in the morning.

An unmissable event for the Angolan community in the Netherlands and for all lovers of African culture.

Secure your ticket now!

INFORMATION: DATE: May 18, 2024, TIME: 7:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

PAGEANT VENUE: Sultan Palace Rijsbergen, 31 Bredaseweg 4891 SJ Rijsbergen Netherlands

TICKETS: https://linktr.ee/missangolaholanda - Tickets for €43.13 to VIP €120.00

Don't miss the opportunity to celebrate the beauty and culture of Angola in style!

In addition to the crowning of Miss Angola Netherlands 2024, the Gala will offer:

Live musical performances, DJ sets, Space to dance and so much more!!!! The Miss Angola Netherlands 2024 Gala is a unique opportunity for Doing networking,  Celebrate your Angolan heritage,  Support the Angolan community in the Netherlands and many more night out surprises...Don't miss the event of the year, we count on your magic

For more information: Visit the website: https://linktr.ee/missangolaholanda and Follow the event page on social networks: missangolahollanda


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