Meet Ina Dajci Miss Universe Albania 2021, Bio, Social Profiles, Fun facts and Pageant Titles

Does Ina Dajci LOOK Like Angelina Jolie? At-least FANS Around Universe Are Whispering So!!!

The Republika e Shqipërisë aka Albania Native, The 27 Years Albanian Model from Tirana Ina Dajci Miss Universe Albania 202 is available at Official Website and Instagram @inadajcireal and is NOW On Road To Miss Universe Eilat and Universe Arena. She can be contacted via Miss Universe Albania Organization at SHESHI WILSON, QENDRA OLIMPIA, Phone Numbers (+355) 69 47 53 407.


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The Albanian Beauty Queen Ina Dacji is recently seen in Salon Art + Design, The Iconic New York Event, Presenting the world’s best collectible design enhanced by blue-chip art during November 11-15, 2021 at Park Avenue Armory, NYC.

The APPEAL for MU Vote as shared by Ina Dajci Miss Universe Albania 2021: Time to show some love for your girl!!! You all can now vote at or download @missuniverse app 
Your support means the world to me, it also means a greener future, speaking up for environmental injustice and (daaa) gender equality. It means we will amplify the beauty of diversity in people and cultures. With all seriousness due, it will be a fun ride 
Merci @missuniversealbania


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Knowing The Albanian Beauty Queen on Road To Miss Universe Eilat with Her Qualities and The Life Timeline is Good Idea for Fans, Wherever in Universe You Might Be living but Online World has Elements to Virtual Meet-up 2021 Miss Universe Albania Ina Dajci's Bio, Social Profiles, Fun facts and Pageant Titles along with Opportunity To Add and Share Your Own Findings Here:

Tirana's Ina Dajci is an architect, innovator, artist, and model currently working with NY's CTA Architects P.C.. 
The Alma: The City College of New York, CCNY founded as 'The Free Academy' in 1847 was the first free public institution of higher education in the United States. Ina Dajci Miss Universe Albania 2021 has studied in this iconic college. Ina received an architectural degree from City College of New York at The City University of New York. 
She was Full Time Intern with Assembly OSM for 7 Months Till Jan 2021. 
She also worked as Alberto Foyo Architect Full-time Junior Architect and Research Assistant at Spitzer School of Architecture and Advanced Science Research Center, Spitzer School of Architecture for almost 3 Years.

Miss Dajci's work as an architect is focused on providing design solutions to humanitarian crises by bringing design professionals to communities that suffer from environmental, social, and cultural degradation.


  1. Ina Dajci has worked in 5 different continents:
  2. Ina Dajci speaks 6 languages:
  3. Ina Dajci's Dress at Miss Universe will be 100% SUSTAINABLE:

Albania's Ina has worked on projects in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania.

Ina is an advocate for the environment and champions energy-efficient design, recycling methods, and design through ecologically sustainable means. She aims to amplify the voices that are calling to protect the environment and encourage activism of all generations, but especially young ones to fight for all human rights.


The empowerment of women is crucial to her ideology as Ina firmly believes that the rights of women and children should not be separate from the rights of Earth because the health of our land and its human beings is the same. As an artist, she had her first painting exhibition at the Albanian National Historic Museum aiming to encourage youth to pursue their artistic talents.


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Additionally, Ina runs a nonprofit foundation called Designing Good, an international cultural institution that aims to promote humanitarian, environmental, and social design through partnerships, advocacy, and education-based programs through organizing exhibitions and conferences as well as hosting arts, design, architecture, fashion, cinema, communications, and social events. This organization provides pro-bono design and funding for projects around the world.

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