Meet Elona Ndrecaj, Miss World Albania 2023, Check India Journey to Crown

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Originally Angela Tanuzi, Miss World Albania 2022 was supposed to compete at The 71ST Miss World but somehow Elona Ndrecaj came is pictures as Miss World Albania 2023

Check here updates on Miss World @ India Journey for Albania

As per Official Miss World Bio Ndrecaj was crowned Miss World Albania 2022, is an accomplished Aesthetician and a vibrant social media influencer. With roots in Tirana and a flourishing career, She owns and operates her aesthetic centre, specializing in skincare and beauty treatments.

On Saturday, October 22, 2022, Elona Ndrecaj said, announcing her candidacy "One of my biggest dreams has came true, I've been crowned as Miss World Albania 2022 and I’m so grateful for this opportunity. I would like to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for believing in me, especially Vera Grabocka @veragrabocka, Producer & Director of Miss & Mister Albania, Miss World and Popi Kola @popikola"

Elona Ndrecaj, 23, 173 cm tall, is deeply passionate about cinema and acting, aspiring to bring diverse stories to life on screen. She speaks Albanian and English languages.

Ndrecaj last year commented "I feel lucky and happy to be representing my country at Miss World! There are 2 months left until the start of Miss World which will take place in India and I can't wait to share my experience with other girls representing their country in @missworld.I promise you that I will give my best!"

Angela Tanuzi was crowned as Miss World Albania 2022 on Friday, June 10, 2022. when she emerged winner against 21 contestants at the end of national final in Venom Club, Magjistralja Prishtinë-Ferizaj, Pristina, Kosovo at Vizion Plus TV LIVE Broadcast. She succeeded Amela Agastra Miss World Albania 2021.

Last year on April 3, 2023 Ndrecaj told "Today I visited my middle school and high school where I spent one of the most unforgettable periods of my life! I walked in the school yard and all the moments, the beautiful memories and my childhood appeared before my eyes! I feel lucky and grateful to all the teachers who laid the foundations to become who I am today! I hope that just as they tried to bring out the best in me, I will reward them by becoming the best version of myself!"

Ndrecaj's advocacy work focuses on empowering marginalized women, a cause she champions through various initiatives, including her noteworthy "Loving is Caring" event. She enjoys travelling and exploring new cultures, finding joy in the diverse beauty of the world. A lover of the Arts, Elona admires the movie 'Intouchables' for its poignant storytelling.

She reveals her Personal Motto as "‎Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment."

Images: Official Miss World Albania Social Network


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