Angelina Usanova is crowned Miss Eco International 2024

Vegan Yoga Acharya of Ukraine wins Miss Eco International 2024 in Cairo Egypt

Once Miss Universe Ukraine 2023 is now Miss Eco International 2024

The outgoing queen Miss Eco International 2023, Nguyen Thanh Ha has crowned her successor, The Ukrainian Representative Angelina Usanova as new Miss Eco International 2024 at the end of Grand Finale and Coronation Show at the stage of Triumph Luxury Hotel in Cairo, Egypt today on Sunday, April 28, 2024 starting 7PM.

As a contestant, Angelina Usanova walked the stage with “Wildfires” which reveal the theme of wildfires around the globe as well as burnt territories in Ukraine because of the war and She became winner of The Best ECO Dress 2nd Runner Up placement.

The eco-suit designed by Lesia Patoka (of PATOKA Studio) describes the problem of forest fires around the world. Just last year, wildfires led to massive destruction, forest loss, carbon emissions, and deaths and injuries. Forests burned in the US, Greece, and Canada in 2023, the amount of land affected by forest fires reached the highest level in the history of the country. The increase in the number of forest fires is a consequence of climate change!

In connection with the full-scale invasion, the entire East of Ukraine is constantly experiencing fires as a result of missile and artillery attacks, drone attacks from the aggressor country. Sad statistics claim that 2.4 million hectares have been damaged by fire, which destroys forests, soils and national parks. That’s like 75% of the area of ​​Belgium. A large part of the unique ecosystem has been destroyed, populations of rare plants and animals are suffering and disappearing, and large areas of the upper layers of fertile soil have burned. This means that once rare species are destroyed, they will not respawn

What is Social Media for Good by Angelina Usanova

Usanova has told in great details, I just putting all the text here, a letter full of information with emotions (posted at, read:

Dear friends🤍,

I am thrilled to announce my Social Media for Good @sm4good Initiative and extend a warm welcome to you to be a part of it!

@sm4good is dedicated to children worldwide, particularly those in my beloved home country, Ukraine, who are suffering from war. Every child deserves to be happy and safe! Today, we have the powerful tool of social media at our disposal, and I believe that by coming together, we can fully harness its potential for what truly matters – kindness and love for children

The 20th of March marks International Day of Happiness according to the UN calendar. Isn’t that the perfect occasion to bring joy to children’s lives?

The Teddy Bear is a symbol of the initiative as it is perhaps the most beloved toy associated with childhood. Thinking of a teddy bear evokes feelings of happiness, safety, and comfort. We all had a teddy bear when we were children. That’s why the Teddy Bear perfectly embodies the mission of this charity initiative – to bring happiness to children and make them feel safer

I am delighted that my amazing friends, holders of the Miss Universe title, are joining me in this effort. Together, we will make it happen with grace, as beauty must serve a noble mission – a belief we all share.

I am proud to stand here with all of you, my dear friends, and I promise this is just the beginning. The good deeds are never to cease as long as there are those who need us.

With Love,

Angelina Usanova

Miss Universe Ukraine 2023

Check Full Performance & Crowning of Angelina Usanova, Miss Eco International 2024 at The Live Stream Re-watch Uploaded on May 5, 2024


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