Alysa Bainbridge is crowned Miss Delaware USA 2024

Newark wins State Crown of Miss Delaware USA 2024, On way to Hollywood Miss USA Pageant

Speaker and Host, Once Miss Pennsylvania 2022, Alysa Bainbridge is now Miss Delaware USA 2024

The Miss Delaware USA 2023, Noa Mills has crowned her successor, Newark's Alysa Bainbridge as new Miss Delaware USA 2024 on conclusion of Grand Finale & Coronation Show, Live Streamed by on Sunday, April 28, 2024 starting 7:30 PM EST. The pageant venue is Laird Performing Arts Center in Wilmington from where the stream originated to everywhere online with 24 Misses & Teens of Delaware state..

Bainbridge told her pageant interview experience as "I interviewed for Miss Delaware USA today! It was a joy to share my heart and story with the judges, Please keep me in your prayers for finals tomorrow - I’m ready and so excited!"

New Delaware Beauty Queen, Miss Delaware USA 2024, Alysa Bainbridge has told in her official website "I describe myself as a human connector. There's nothing I love more than meeting and building relationships with people. My greatest passion is connecting people, inspiring them, and bringing joy through storytelling."

Berks County, PA, born and raised Bainbridge is a B.A. in Communication Studies from Saint Joseph's University and an M.S. in Leadership from Cabrini University, She is a television news reporter, host, speaker, and spokesperson. The Frenchie mom is Mental Health & Recovery Advocate at Tyler’s Triumph Nonprofit organization, In Memory of Tyler Bainbridge, Helping people triumph over mental health and substance use disorders.

She further tells "Highlights of my career include working as an on-camera host and spokesperson at Classic Auto Mall in Morgantown, PA, emceeing the Mummers Fancy Brigades on New Year's Day in Philadelphia, hosting USA Today Network's "Best Of" Awards across Pennsylvania, and being interviewed on Sirius XM radio."

Results: Winner: Alysa Bainbridge, Miss Delaware USA 2024 (Newark)

Top 6 & Runners-up

  1. 1ST Runner-up: Emmakate Ledyard (Yorklyn)
  2. 2ND Runner-up: Kelly Smith (New Castle)
  3. 3RD Runner-up: Emaje Jabali (Elsmere)
  4. 4TH Runner-up: Rebecca Gasperetti (Wilmington)
  5. 5TH Runner-up: Christine Rich (Middletown)

Check The List of 12 Contestants Vying Miss Delaware USA 2024 Crown

  1. Miss Bear USA, Olivia Moncrieffe
  2. Miss Christiana USA, Sierra Anderson
  3. Miss Dover USA, Raqell Osei
  4. Miss Elsmere USA, Emaje Jabali
  5. Miss Georgetown USA, Jasmine Lee
  6. Miss Hockessin USA, Kimberly Martin
  7. Miss Middletown USA, Christine Rich
  8. Miss Millsboro Brandi Dortch
  9. Miss New Castle USA, Kelly Smith
  10. Miss Newark USA, Alysa Bainbridge
  11. Miss Wilmington USA, Rebecca Gasperetti
  12. Miss Yorklyn USA, Emmakate Ledyard


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