Final Now: 38 Contestants Vying for Miss Alabama's Teen 2023 Crown on Sunday: Check Results

Who will be The Successor of Hailey Adams? Know in-person on Sunday at Alabaster!!!
Today Miss Alabama 2023 Contestant Orientation on March 11, 2023 is also happening along with Miss Alabama's Teen 2023 Preliminaries.

Sun, Mar 12, 2023: The Miss Alabama's Teen 2023 pageant is happening now, check the results as announced

Results WINNER: Elaina Burt Miss Alabama's Teen 2023

Anna Bella Foster 1st Runner-Up Miss Alabama's Teen 2023
Dru Bramblett 2nd Runner-Up Miss Alabama's Teen 2023
Carson Champion 3rd Runner-Up Miss Alabama's Teen 2023
Christina Norman 4th Runner-Up Miss Alabama's Teen 2023

Results: TOP 10 Miss Alabama's Teen 2023

  1. Caelyn Dolar 
  2. Christina Norman
  3. Evie Smith
  4. Ali Mims
  5. Reagan Hanson
  6. Abigail Wideman
  7. Dru Bramblett
  8. Anna Bella Foster
  9. Elaina Burt
  10. Carson Champion

Results: TOP 16 Miss Alabama's Teen 2023

  1. Portia Hollis
  2. Caroline Gibson
  3. Grier Feldman
  4. Harper Howard
  5. Caelyn Dolar
  6. Christina Norman
  7. Evie Smith
  8. Ali Mims
  9. Britain Fuller
  10. Reagan Hanson
  11. Abigail Wideman
  12. Dru Bramblett
  13. Anna Bella Foster
  14. Elaina Burt 
  15. Carson Champion
  16. Karrington Channell

Prelim 2 Results

Elaina Burt Miss Jefferson County’s Teen Evening gown and on stage question Winner
Christina Norman Miss North Jefferson Area Teen Talent Award Winner

Results: Afternoon Preliminary Winners:

Elaina Burt Talent Winner
Evie Smith Evening Gown & On Stage Question Winner

Sat, Mar 11, 2023: The Five Judges Thomas Collins, Krista Klumpp Russell, Anne Elizabeth Buys, Kayla Repasky and Lakea Burrison-Scott have completed Miss Alabama's Teen 2023 Interviews which started yesterday on Mar 10th. Today the tow round of preliminaries are scheduled in noon and evening. Check Social Media @missamericaal for latest pictures, specially the tagged section. "All ready for Miss Alabama Orientation 2023" are the words shared by Rylie Dewley Miss Centennial 2023, Miss Michigan's Outstanding Teen 2021, Miss Washtenaw County’s OT 2019, Miss Sunset Coast’s OT 2018 and Miss Lake Erie’s OT 2017, you must check her website as inspiration.

Thu, Mar 9, 202: Alabaster is ready to witness this year's Teen Queen who will represent AL State at National Stage 18TH Miss America's Teen 2024. The Reigning Teen Queen Hailey Adams Miss Alabama's Teen 2022 is all set to crown her successor, who will win in 38 Contestants vying for the Miss Alabama's Teen 2023 Crown at the conclusion of Grand Finale in the traditional pageant venue Performing Arts Center at Thompson High School, Alabaster, Alabama on Sun, Mar 12, 2023.
Saturday Morning is set for Private Interviews. Alabama’s Rising Stars Production and Talent Round is scheduled on Noon Prelims at 2pm followed by Fitness & Wellness and Evening Gown Round at 7pm Evening Prelims.

The Emcees are announced as Prelim Host Jessica Proctor Gilmore, Miss Alabama’s Teen 2013, will emcee the Saturday night preliminary competition and Grand Finale Host: Lindsay Fincher, Miss Alabama 2022, will emcee the final show

Book Tickets Online To Join In-person Miss Alabama's Teen 2023 Pageant as given below:
Prelims: Sat, Mar 11, 2023 at 2:00PM and 7:00PM, Note 2 Shows on the Same day, Ticket price is $25 for each show.
Grand Finale & Coronation: Sun, Mar 12, 2023 at 2:00PM noon, Ticket price is $35
Preferably book online Weekend Ticket Packages as the organization has offered $20 discount priced at $65. Individual tickets will be available at the door on competition day as long as they are available.
Online Ticket Booking URL is
The Pageant Venue for Both Days is the Performing Arts Center at Thompson High School, locate at Address: 1921 Warrior Parkway, Alabaster, AL, 35007

Hailey Adams Miss Alabama's Outstanding Teen 2022 was crowned by Emma Terry Miss Alabama's Outstanding Teen 2021 as her successor who emerged the winner against 38 Candidates, at the end of grand finale in Thompson High School, Alabaster, Alabama on Sun, March 6, 2022.

Teen Contestant Diamond Eggleston Miss Historic Springville Teen  has founded S.H.I.N.E. the sharing hope and inspiration now, everywhere social project which Inspiring Kids & Teen Mental Health Awareness. Diamond has shared her account of activities thorough the year in very impactful shot phrases “This year’s Accomplishments Recaps! I am so grateful to the Mayor of Muscle Shoals - Mike Lockhart for recognizing me this year for completing Community Service Projects for my platform S.H.I.N.E - Inspiring Kids.” She further adds “May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Each year, the first Wednesday in May is now designated as Youth Mental Health Awareness Day. I am so excited to receive this honor and proclamation supporting Youth Mental Health Awareness!”

Check The LIST of 38 Contestants Vying for Miss Alabama's Teen 2023 Crown

Group A included 1-19 and Group B is 20-38

  1. Maddie McKenney
  2. Portia Hollis
  3. Caroline  Gibson
  4. Gracie Harris
  5. Grier Feldman
  6. Kathryn Dueland
  7. Allie Grace Broadhead
  8. Harper Howard
  9. Mega Malloy
  10. Bella Casey
  11. Laura Kate Hall
  12. Caelyn Dolar
  13. Bryanna Belser
  14. Christina Norman
  15. Mattie Cook
  16. Allison Terrell
  17. Evie Allene Smith
  18. Ali Mims
  19. Anna Kate O'Connor
  20. Britain Fuller
  21. Lauren Sutherland
  22. Charlee Reid
  23. Brooklyn Davis
  24. Reagan Hanson
  25. Addison Endress
  26. Abigail Wideman
  27. Sydney Hodges
  28. Dru Bramblett
  29. Mattie Wisener
  30. Diamond Eggleston
  31. Charis McHenry
  32. Hana Vickery
  33. Anna Bella Foster
  34. Elaina Burt 
  35. Carson Grace Champion
  36. Heidi Armstrong
  37. Karrington Channell
  38. Madelyn Rasco

This Image Tell a lot about Miss Alabama's Teen Pageant

Image: Shared on Official Social Media on Sun, Aug 6, 2022 with Fun Facts: Hailey Adams Miss Alabama’s Outstanding Teen 2022, will travel to Dallas on Sunday. Hailey will be representing the state of Alabama in the Miss America’s Outstanding Teen Competition.
Alabama has an incredible history in the national pageant. We have had two national winners (Jessica Baeder & Marcelle LeBlanc), five runners-up, one in the Top 8, two in the Top 10, and one in the Top 15. This is in addition to preliminary awards and special recognition such as Scholastic and Non-Finalist Talent.
Sending our very best wishes to Hailey!!! We know she will represent us extremely well.


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