Angela Rowson is crowned Miss Earth New Zealand 2024 on June 1st in BNZ Theatre

Who is successor of Caitlyn Dulcie, Miss Earth New Zealand 2023?

Former Miss Rotorua contestant Angela Rowson is crowned Miss Earth New Zealand 2024 after winning over 7 Contestants on Saturday, June 1, 2024 in Manukau!

The Miss Earth New Zealand 2024 Final & Coronation concluded today on Saturday, June 1st, 2024 starting 7PM at pageant venue BNZ Theatre at Due Drop Events Centre, 770 Great South Road in Manukau City, Auckland.

Rowson told as contestant "This time I’m gonna take the crown without falling down, down, down" and its history she did it. She will represent her country New Zealand at The 24TH Miss Earth 2024 Pageant in Vietnam this year.

The People's Choice with the Contestants' Official Headshots was set until 11.59pm on Friday, May 31, 2024 based on Like & follow the Miss Earth New Zealand Facebook page.


  • Miss Earth Water New Zealand 2024 & People’s Choice Winner: Sevaye Stoni-Rose, The 1ST Runner-up
  • Miss Earth Air New Zealand 2024: The 2ND Runner-up
  • Miss Earth New Zealand Fire 2024: Karaponga Sanders-Daniels, The 3RD Runner-up

Check The List of 8 Contestants Vying Miss Earth New Zealand 2024 Crown

  1. India Holder@indy2912
  2. 'Barbie' Sevaye Stoni-Rose @sevayestonirose_, Miss Canterbury 2024
  3. Ruby Ruma @ruby.m.ruma
  4. Shamika Hoeta @shamika.hoeta, Miss Teen New Zealand
  5. Karaponga Sanders-Daniels @kara.makiri
  6. Maroussia @moody_moosxe
  7. Sharon Verma @/sharon_verma
  8. Angela Rowson @_angela_main_

Miss Earth New Zealand 2024 Applications are open

Sun, Feb 4, 2024: Registrations for Miss Earth New Zealand 2024 are now open. New Zealand Passport holder Natural born female can apply who falls in 17-26 years age range.

The aspiring candidate must be Passionate about the environment and has Never married and never given birth. Candidates can contact directly via social media for more information.

Deadline for application is end of March 2024. Miss Earth New Zealand organization offers Catwalk lessons,  Makeup tutorials, Skincare session, Photographic & Videographic sessions, Miss Earth Retreat weekend including accommodation & activities and Public Speaking Workshops along with many more facilities helping in the pageant.

The current crown winner is Caitlyn Dulcie Smythe who was crowned Miss Earth New Zealand 2023 on Saturday, May 27, 2023 at Te Pou Theatre in Henderson, Auckland.

Image: Official Social Media - Poster for Miss Earth New Zealand 2024


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