Who will own the MISS UNIVERSE GUATEMALA franchise?

Oscar Flores Is No Longer The National Director Of The Franchise "Miss Universe Guatemala"

Mon, Mar 13, 2023: The most anticipated event for all is just around the corner and soon we will meet the new organization that will be in charge of Miss Universe Guatemala.

Who will have the franchise? Just wait soon the announcement will come here.

Who will get the crown?

Check The 2023 Contestants List Tagged in The Social Media

María José Sazo Journalist and Spokeswoman of Safe Passage, @sazomaria_

Naïda Estubier, Model active in Paris & Los Angeles, Carrières-sur-Seine who live in Santa Monica, California, @naidaestubier

Nathalie Stuhlhofer, Fashion Model who says "In the land of gods and monsters, I was an angel" and Life imitates art, @n.stuhlhofer

Nathalie Stuhlhofer Miss Teen Guatemala 2016, A girl with incredible energy, @n.stuhlhofer

Wed, Mar 1, 2023: Today Bellezas de Guatemala announced NATIONAL CALL for 2023 Season, "We begin with the opening of the national call for our 2023 Edition. Participate, represent your department and become our next National Beauty Queen. Soon we will announce the departmental headquarters that will host our First Face-to-Face Edition."

Represent your department and become our next National Beauty Queen.

Interested can write us via inbox @missguatemalaf.



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