Safiétou Kabengele was crowned Miss Grand France 2024 by Queen Luciana Fuster

The Runway Coach of Normandy Takes Miss Grand France 2024 National Crown Home

Miss Grand France 2024, Safiétou Kabengele will represent France at The 12TH Miss Grand International 2024 pageant in Yangon, Myanmar, where The reigning queen Luciana Fuster of Peru, Miss Grand International 2023 will crown her successor at the end of Final Competition on Friday, October 25, 2024.

Kabengele competed as Miss Grand Normandy 2024 and won over 16 other contestants. Originally there were 22 Contestants but five withdraw from the final competition, check the pageant details below.

Kabengele Feeling on The Eve of Crowning Night: On the occasion, the sun was out in the Parisian region, where the election will take place, Thank you all for your support, I’m extremely proud of OUR journey so far, because yes it’s together we Mark Minds, Know that whatever the outcome is, I would be proud of myself and all the investment put in to be at the top! And so far, we can be satisfied with the impact we've made... But from you to me? THE CROWN OR NOTHING! See you tomorrow for the final verdict

Enjoy Live The Crowning of Miss Grand France 2024 with Grand Queen Luciana Fuster and Check Results

The Reigning Queen Miss Grand France 2023, Clémence Drouhaud will have her last walk on Wednesday, May 8, 2024 and hand over the crown to new queen Miss Grand France 2024 who emerges winner in 20 Contestants at the end of final competition. The pageant venue for Grand Finale & Coronation Show is Théâtre de Longjumeau at 20 Av. du Général de Gaulle in Longjumeau, France from where the competition and crowning gala is available On Live Stream @ 8PM for Whole World, The Usual Grand Practice.

Streaming Now The Final of Miss Grand France 2024 at Facebook URL

The Miss Grand International 2023, Luciana Fuster is already visited in Paris and iconic Eiffel Tower and is a special guest the Coronation Gala cheering the contestants and welcome the new queen. This Insta Post has amazing pictures of Fuster enjoying and grasping The Magical France to fullest.

Hôtel Mercure Paris Montmartre has witnessed the preliminary of Miss Grand France 2024 on Sunday, May 4th showcasing the charm, elegance and talent of all crown aspiring misses at this exclusive event.

Contestant Lena Vairac tells the Interview Experience "Jury interview went well!!! Obviously candidate to candidate we compare, plus I passed the first so I'm kind of test haha... I was able to defend my values and explain why I'm retrying the crown of Miss Grand France."

The Contestant from Auvergne tells “My name is Cléo Antignat, I’m 20 years old and I’m Miss Grand Auvergne for Miss Grand France 2024. Currently, I’m studying performing arts in Clermont-Ferrand’s university and, in addition to these studies, I’m studying musical comedy in International Academy of Musical Comedy (AICOM). I’m so bride to participate in Miss Grand France that represented women power and fight against war and violence around the world."

The Contestants Alexandra Gradel shares "At 26 years old, I am committed with determination to this adventure to win the crown and carry high the colors of my beautiful Guadeloupe and France at Miss Grand International!"

Gradel further comes with an important statement "In the coming days, weeks and months, thanks to my partners, a total transformation is being prepared with content to match. For what ? To rise to the international level and shine the beauty of overseas. As a black woman from the Overseas Departments, I would be more than honored to represent my beautiful France. I also want to prove that you can surpass yourself, even if you are very anxious, and that any woman, regardless of her circumstances, can achieve her dreams."

Contestants Turpin come out in stylish way "Looking forward to sharing this new adventure with you, looking forward to meeting all the candidates and I hope to bring you back this crown by going as far as possible, I would give everything to make you all proud of your representative of the Loire Country (Picarde origin). Looking forward to meeting you too, we will do this adventure together!"

Results: Winner: Safiétou Kabengele, Miss Grand France 2024 (Normandy)

  1. 1ST Runner-up: Clémentine Albié(Aquitaine)
  2. 2ND Runner-up: Maeva Chambeau (Martinique)
  3. 3RD Runner-up: Ambre Florent (Paris)
  4. 4TH Runner-up: Sarah Mandjou (Brittany)

Top 12

  1. Antilles: Léna Vairac
  2. Auvergne: Cléo Antignat
  3. Guadeloupe: Alexandra Gradel
  4. Île-de-France: Pauline Thimon
  5. Maine-et-Loire: Elma Guilleux
  6. Nord-Pas-de-Calais: Anais Legrand
  7. Réunion: Kenia Nicol

Special awards

  • Miss Photogenic: Ambre Florent (Paris)
  • Best Body: Clémentine Albié (Aquitaine)
  • Best Smile: Maeva Chambeau (Martinique)
  • Best in Swimsuit: Safietou Kabengele (Normandy)
  • Beautiful Eyes: Cléo Antignat (Auvergne)
  • Best Catwalk: Pauline Thimon (Île-de-France)
  • Miss Elegance: Sarah Mandjou (Brittany)
  • Miss Popularity: Safietou Kabengele (Normandy)
  • Miss Social Media: Safietou Kabengele (Normandy)

Check The List of Contestants Vying Miss Grand France 2024 Crown

The Online Voting and Ticket Booking available Official Platform
  1. Miss Grand Antilles 2024: Léna Vairac @lena.vairac
  2. Miss Grand Aquitaine 2024: Clémentine Albié @clementinealbie_mgf
  3. Miss Grand Auvergne 2024: Cléo Antignat @cleo_agt_mgf
  4. Miss Grand Bretagne 2024: Sarah Mandjou @therealmandjou_mgf, is a Pharmacist
  5. Miss Grand Guadaloupe 2024: Alexandra Gradel @alexandra.gdl_mgf
  6. Miss Grand Ile De France 2024: Pauline Thimon @paulinethimon_mgf
  7. Miss Grand Languedoc 2024: Manuella Gritar @manuellagritar_mgf
  8. Miss Grand Maine-Et-Loire 2024: Elma Guilleux @elmain2001_mgf
  9. Miss Grand Martinique 2024: Maeva Chambeau @maevachambeauoff
  10. Miss Grand Nord-Pas-De-Calais 2024: Anais Legrand @anaisinparis_mgf
  11. Miss Grand Normandie 2024: Safiétou Kabengele @safietoukabengele_mgf
  12. Miss Grand Occitanie 2024: Chloé Maillot @chloe_mlt_mgf
  13. Miss Grand Paris 2024: Ambre Florent @theangelabby_mgf, Miss Grand Château De Versailles 2024
  14. Miss Grand Pays-De-La-Loire 2024: Malaury Turpin @malaurytrn_off_mgf, Miss Jeunesse PDL 2020-21
  15. Miss Grand Poitou-Charentes 2024: Lara Evaristo @lara__evaristo
  16. Miss Grand Provence 2024: Ilona Cassiano @ilonaacassiano_mgf
  17. Miss Grand Réunion 2024: Kenia Nicol @kenyanicol_mgf, A Journalist
  18. Miss Grand Champagne-Ardene 2024: Anne Djoba / Ann’ita @dame_annita, Communication student - WITHDRAW
  19. Miss Grand Communauté Étranger 2024: Judith Bonang @judith.bonang, The 1st Runner-up of Miss Congo Diaspora France - WITHDRAW
  20. Miss Grand Loire-Atlantique: Anna Jalia - WITHDRAW
  21. Miss Grand Picardie 2024: Pauline Dubédat @paulinedubedat_mgf, Miss Côte Picarde 2021 - WITHDRAW
  22. Miss Grand Rhône-Alpes :Jennifer Malleron @jenni.mllrn - WITHDRAW


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