The 11th Miss World Crown Journey of Lesego Chombo, Miss World Botswana: India Experience

The Attorney Lesego Chombo seeks Miss World Crown for Botswana

After completing her Degree in Law, Lesego is currently practising as an Attorney at the High Courts of Botswana and has ambitions of opening up her own Law firm. She enjoys playing the guitar, singing, and counts baseball and swimming among her sporting interests. On her Birthday she hosted a day out for 70 underprivileged children offering them health checks and a chance to try musical instruments.

‘I am a cheerful lover of life. I lead with kindness and I believe in my worth and capability to achieve whatever I set my mind on no matter what circumstances, my proudest moment was launching my Beauty with a Purpose project.’

Palesa Molefe CROWNS Lesego Chombo, Miss World Botswana 2022 on October 22nd

2021 Miss World Botswana Palesa Molefe has just crown her successor, the winner against 9 Finalists (Total 29 Contestants), Lesego Chombo Miss World Botswana 2022 / Miss Botswana 2022 at the end of Grand Finale in the Fairscape Precinct, Fairgrounds, Gaborone, Botswana on Sat, Oct 22, 2022 commencing at 18:00H in present of Special Guest Miss World 2021 Karolina Bielawska.

Lesego Chombo Miss World Botswana 2022 will represent her nation Botswana in the upcoming Miss World 2022 Competitions. Lesego is Attorney at Law.

Maun native Lesego is very fond of Aerial Yoga, learned from Samantha Ohana Registered Yoga Teacher RYT200, Kids and Aerial Yoga Teacher founder of @slv_yogahouse during her competitions.

Lesego Chombo Contestant's Statement: “I am an all-rounder who believes in personal advancement. Over and above my career, I am constantly enhancing other skills such as modeling, hairdressing, baking, playing guitar, singing and so on. I never put myself in a box because I know that all my diverse skills and interests can co-exist.”


Asked how she planned to make Botswana a better place with the crown, Lesego Chombo said,
"I will use the Miss Botswana crown to pursue social justice through my service. As an individual who has so much love for the underprivileged community, I believe that their inclusion is vital in the pursuit of social justice. I will therefore continue to create a conducive environment for the development of underprivileged children and promote the accessibility of economic, social and political resources to the underprivileged community as a whole.

Not only will this directly impact these communities, but it will also lead and inspire Batswana to identify their purpose and add value to our nation by taking on their social responsibility. I believe that serving is contagious - and service to those who are in need is the ideal practice that Botswana needs to be a better place."
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Her Excellency, the First Lady Mrs Neo Jane Masisi this afternoon hosted Miss Botswana and Miss World to a meet and greet session in Gaborone.  

Addressing the beauty Queens, the First Lady congratulated the two Queens and urged Lesego Chombo to maximize on the 12 months of her reign to make an impact and influence not only her peers but Presidents, First Ladies as well as Ministers and managers. 

Her Excellency also appreciated the opportunity afforded to her to interact with the Queens and thanked the Minister of Youth, Gender, Sports and Culture Hon. Tumiso Rakgare for availing the opportunity to interact with the two accomplished and amazing young women. 

The First Lady further thanked the organisers of Miss Botswana for mentoring the participants as they come out well rounded and professional.  Mrs Masisi also thanked Miss World ’s manager Stephen Morley who highlighted that his father started the Miss World pageant in 1951. 

Her Excellency, congratulated Miss Botswana 2021 Palesa Molefe and acknowledged that she has raised the bar and has been an inspiration to many, as well as viewed her as a star that has left a mark.  She advised Chombo to view Palesa as her big sister as she has traversed this road and could share her experiences and advice with the current reigning queen. 

Welcoming the First Lady, the beauty queens and their entourage, the Minister of Youth, Gender, Sports and Culture Hon. Tumiso Rakgari expressed delight to have Miss World visit Botswana for the first time and congratulated the newly crowned Miss Botswana 2022 Lesego Chombo. 

Introducing the two Queens to Her Excellency, Miss Botswana Coordinator Mr Benjamin Raletsatsi stated that Miss World Karolina Bielawska graduated as a Business student and was number one in Poland and Miss Botswana 2022 Lesego Chombo works as a Lawyer, and hails from Maun.  Mr Raletsatsi stated that Chombo is passionate about ensuring children are raised properly.  He highlighted that Miss Botswana’s first engagement this morning was a visit to a school in Gaborone where she motivated students to believe in themselves and strive to be the best of themselves. 

Sharing her experience during her stay in Botswana Miss World Karolina Bielawska stated that she is the first reigning Miss World to visit Botswana and was a privileged to attend the grand finale of Miss Botswana 2022. She highlighted that she has had a great time as she enjoyed the game drives, seeing diamonds in real life but highlighted that the precious diamonds are Batswana's own and that was what she leant after meeting Palesa.  She mentioned that she will be coming back in January 2023 as she wishes to visit the Okavango Delta. Karolina expressed her sincere gratitude and honour to have met The First Lady and learnt a lot form the girl talk they had this afternoon.  She also stated she has faith and believe that the current Miss Botswana will do well at the Miss World pageant. 

Miss Botswana 2022 Lesego Chombo appreciated the opportunity afforded to her and stated that she looked forward to serving Batswana by giving back to the community. Chombo highlighted that her project aims at creating a conducive environment for the development of economically disadvantaged children. She explained that she intends to implement the project across Botswana as she looks forward to impacting lives, inspiring everybody who dares to dream.


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