Check Results: Nuestra Belleza Puerto Rico 2023 Final at The Condado Plaza Hilton on Apr 13th

Thu, Apr 13, 2023: Rico 2023 Contestants at the end of Grand Finale will be crowned by the reigning queens.

Who will be the Successors of Oxana Rivera Miss Grand Puerto Rico 2023, Ariette Banchs Miss Supranational Puerto Rico 2022 and Paola Gonzalez Miss International Puerto Rico 2022? Watch in-person or join the streaming to witness the crowning moments at Official Broadcaster ABC Puerto Rico.

Now LIVE NBPR '23 Grand Final at URL

Result WINNERs: Cristina Ramos Miss Grand Puerto Rico 2023, Caguas

Camille Fabery Miss Supranational Puerto Rico 2023, Cataño

Amanda Paola Miss International Puerto Rico 2023 aka Amanda Pérez Solís from Rio Grande

Sthephanie Miranda TOP 16 Miss USA 2020 is 1st Runner-up Nuestra Belleza Puerto Rico 2023

16 Contestants Vying for 3 Crowns on Apr 13th at Nuestra Belleza Puerto Rico 2023 Pageant

  • Grand Finale has a date, Nuestra Belleza Puerto Rico 2023 Gran Gala Final set on Thu, Apr 13, 2023
  • Show Time 7pm and Pageant Venue is The Condado Plaza Hilton, the 4-star hotel located at 999 Ashford Ave, San Juan
  • Are you ready? Cheer n Welcome New Miss Grand Puerto Rico 2023, Miss International Puerto Rico 2023 and Miss Supranational Puerto Rico 2023!!!
  • Book In-person Tickets Priced at $47 at Official Website
  • Tune ABC Puerto Rico TV channel Enjoy The Final Gala

Mon, Apr 10, 2023, Hollywood: San Juan Headquarter today released the ultimate day of coronation to eagerly waiting beauty queens and fans. The Puerto Rican Beauty Queens to represent the country at Three International Stages will be elected on Thu, Apr 13, 2023 starting at 7pm in The Condado Plaza Hilton. The Winners in 16 Nuestra Belleza Puerto 

Jury Interview Day for The 16 Contestants Vying for 3 Crowns

  • Facebook based Voting Commences February 11, 2023 and Deadline Friday March 10, 2023
  • Already done one of the most important days for us, the interview: María Fernanda Amador Rivera Miss Bayamón after completion of Jury Interview Nuestra Belleza Puerto Rico 2023 Pageant

Sat, Mar 4, 2023: The 16 Nuestra Belleza Puerto Rico 2023 Contestants are facing jury today and almost all have shared their Interview Looks in Social Media. Miss Earth Bayamón Puerto Rico 2023, Mafe Amador Rivera has shared from Sheraton Convention Center Hotel & Casino, The Jury Interview Venue "Talking to the jury panel about the woman I am, to whom I aspire to be, my future goals and dreams fills me with a lot of excitement, because I know that only in these conversations we can get the best out of each of us and connect with our essence.

Contestant Mafe Amador Rivera representing Bayamón further adds "I thank each of the people who have trusted and given their support, during this time, to My Pueblo de Salinas, work team, family and parents, this road is always more beautiful when you are there. THANK YOU THANK YOU!"


As part of the competition we invite you to VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE CANDIDATE! Help her win the Photogenic award by following the instructions below:

1- Follow the page of Nuestra Belleza Puerto Rico. @nuestrabellezapr (You have to follow the page and wait for them to accept your request)

2- Once you follow the page, enter and "Like" the photo of your favorite candidate. (Miss Carolina)

3- Share the photo with more people so that your candidate gets more votes.

The candidate who has the most "Likes", "SHARE" and media traffic after the sum of both social networks Facebook and Instagram, will be the winner.

Voting ends Friday, March 10, 2023.

Check The LIST of 16 Contestants Vying for 3 Crowns at Nuestra Belleza Puerto Rico 2023 Pageant

The Miss Grand Puerto Rico, Miss Supranational Puerto Rico and Miss International Puerto Rico 2023 Crowns are the target for following contestants

  1. Aleika Nayeliz Díaz Colón Represents Salinas
  2. Amanda Pérez Solís Represents Rio Grande
  3. Camille Fabery Represents Cataño
  4. Cristina Ramos Represents Caguas
  5. Edith Miriam Represents Humacao
  6. Gabriela Santana Represents Fajardo, Gabriela Santana Quiñones
  7. Keyla Nicol Represents Guaynabo
  8. Mafe Amador Rivera Represents Bayamon, Full Name
  9. Samarys Barbot Arroyo Represents Jayuya
  10. Sheilian Marte Cruzado Represents Vega Baja
  11. Stephanie Lugo Santiago Represents Dorado
  12. Stephanie Marie Miranda Represents Trujillo Alto, Miss Latinoamérica 2018, Miss Ohio USA 2020, Sthephanie Miranda Top 15 Miss USA 2020 and Top 5 Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2022
  13. Stephanie Quiles Represents Ponce
  14. Sylmarie Benitez Represents San Juan
  15. Trisha Gonzalez Represents Patillas
  16. Yamilka Desirée Represents Carolina 2023

Image: María Fernanda Amador Rivera Miss Bayamón Jury Interview Look


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