Miss Supranational Japan 2024 Happening Now on May 5th

The Grand Finale & Coronation of Miss Supranational Japan 2024 pageant with 17 Contestants is happening today on Sunday, May 5, 2024 with door opening 3:30PM at Sel Octagon Tokyo.

The Reigning Queen is Mayuko Hanawa, Miss Supranational Japan 2023 who competed at Poland last year and came as Top 10 Miss Supranational 2023 & Top 8 Miss Talent.

In-person tickets can be booked at JBA-Beauty.com in four categories including VIP Tickets.

The pageant venue is Sel Octagon Tokyo, Located in AXALL Roppongi at Address Japan, 〒106-0032 Tokyo, Minato City, Roppongi, 7 Chome−8−6, Axall Roppongi, B1F

Last Hour To Vote Your Favorite Miss Supranational Japan 2024 Contestant

Round 2 Online Voting is still live at Suprajapan.choicely.com and vote for the finalist you want to support. The Voting Deadline at 3:00pm on Saturday, May 4, 2024.

The winner of the first place in the Miss Planet National Japan "Online Voting", which will be held in the next few times, will be awarded the People's Choice Award and will be automatically selected to the "Top 8".

Results: Yuki Sonoda, Miss Supranational Japan 2024 (Kagoshima)

The List of 17 Contestants Vying Miss Supranational Japan 2024 Crown

  1. Miss Ibaraki, Riho Iida, @rrri_ho - ミス茨城, 飯田 りほ
  2. Miss Ehime, Asaka Yamauchi, @sakurai_fuka67 - ミス愛媛, 山内 朝香
  3. Miss Okinawa, Mika Tamaki, @mikan5066 - ミス沖縄, 玉城 実夏
  4. Miss Osaka, Anri Kanda, @anli_kuro - ミス大阪, 神田 あんり
  5. Miss Kanagawa, Alice Kroll, @ali95k - ミス神奈川 / クロル アリス
  6. Miss Kagoshima, Yuki Sonoda, @yukidusnd - ミス鹿児島 / 園田 悠希
  7. Miss 東東京 石川萌子
  8. Miss 西東京 津田萌花
  9. Miss 神奈川 Alice Kroll
  10. Miss 滋賀 磯井ちなみ
  11. Miss 京都 山口成美
  12. Miss 大阪 神田あんり
  13. Miss 兵庫 新井ありさ
  14. Miss 愛媛 山内朝香
  15. Miss 福岡 宝生カイラ
  16. Miss 熊本 小野あおい
  17. Miss 鹿児島 園田悠希
  18. Miss 沖縄 玉城実夏

Miss Supranational Japan 2024 Advocacy by Contestant from Hyogo Prefecture

This social share is really amazing and impressive, read:

Hello everyone. I'm Arisa Arai, 22 years old, representing Hyogo Prefecture. I am studying to become a lawyer at Keio University Law School.

As an aspiring lawyer student, I am passionate about using the power of law to save the socially vulnerable. I have learned that some people can't contentedly receive legal assistance due to financial circumstances, environmental impacts, etc. despite needing legal protection.

Moreover, if you look at the world, it's easy to imagine that there are countless people suffering because of the lack of adequate law enforcement.

I believe it is my mission to bring hope and justice to such people and to protect their human rights and dignity.

At the same time, I want to encourage women to work equally with men in society and to be proud to be independent in their work and roles. Identifying your worth and position socially is one of the ways to affirm your self-confidence. I would like to send these out using my platform to support women's advancement in society.

Also, I continued playing basketball for 10 years since elementary school aiming to become a professional athlete, but in second grade I suffered major injuries such as a fractured left knee, an internal fractured hemorrhoids, and a fractured menstrual disc. But after a long and painful rehab I was able to stand on court again.

The time when I wasn't able to deal with basketball the way I wanted was really hard, the pain was immeasurable. However, we were able to prove that we can achieve our goals by facing difficulties and continuing to strive without giving up in any circumstances.

I hope that sharing this experience can be a little bit of strength to the younger generation struggling right now, as I am at this time.

- Arisa Arai, Miss Hyogo Prefecture (From Instagram.com/p/C6jMsM2vdEH)

The Vision of New National Director Aya Kiyota

Hello everyone, I, Aya Kiyota, representative of Japan Beauty Ambassador, an organization that selects and trains Japan's representatives in international beauty pageants, would like to announce that I have been appointed as the national director of Miss Supra National Japan.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to former National Director Stephen Haines, the entire Splat team, and all the past queens and finalists who have built this wonderful competition.

I myself was once a finalist for Miss Supra National Japan, and I gained a lot of learning and new possibilities from this competition.

When I took over as the national director of Miss Supra National Japan, a large and traditional competition, I was worried about whether I could do it.

However, rather than whether you can do it or not, it's whether you want to live without taking chances. I asked myself that question and came up with the answer.

This courage is what I have gained through pageants, and it is also the attitude I want to show to everyone who will take on pageants in the future.

Beauty pageants are sometimes thought to be just glamorous women walking around, but in reality, the contestants are growing up while facing various difficulties.

They look at themselves, face themselves, and strive to be their best selves in the spotlight.

Beauty pageants are a great place for women of the same generation to meet and encourage self-growth. I hope that many women will use this valuable experience to grow as their own leaders and carve out their own lives.

I am really looking forward to working with you all to make Miss Supra National Japan an even more wonderful competition.

Thank you.

Miss Supranational Japan

national director

Aya Kiyota

Image: Official Insta Handle @misssupranationaljapanofficial | @japan_beauty_ambassador | @aya_kiyota


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