Carissa Tillinghast is crowned Miss Rhode Island Teen USA 2024

New Queen Miss Rhode Island Teen USA 2024, Carissa Tillinghast, the winner against 47 Contestants heading to Hollywood at Miss Teen USA 2024 on August 1st.

In March Tillinghast as Contestant told "I have had the honor of wearing ‘rhode island’ across my chest once before at nationals, let’s make that happen again! a new miss rhode island teen usa will be crowned in a little over 2 months! third time is a charm let’s do this! it takes a village: mom, dad, kk and sym, my friends and the special people in my life supporting me! @infusion_boutique , @danielgagnonphoto, and my incredible sponsors, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!" Now its history she did it.

This contestant is very happy announcing "“This is Jeanna Grace!” I made top 13 out of so many beautiful girls this afternoon! I did not advance but am grateful to have made it so far in my first pageant ever! This weekend was amazing. Words cannot express the way this experience felt. I wanted to thank everyone for the love and support. Stay tuned for what’s next because I refuse to stop here."

Top 5

  1. Madelyn Desilva
  2. Reyana Ahern
  3. Honisty Baker
  4. Sabrina Vest

Top 13

  1. Krisity Sanethavong
  2. Grace Black
  3. Kelly Pimentel
  4. Sadie Cameron
  5. Sophia Pachis
  6. Jeanna Grace
  7. Ocean Lombard

Miss Rhode Island Teen USA 2024 Voting in Last Hours, Final Today with 48 Contestants

The successor of the Reigning Queen Miss Rhode Island Teen USA 2023, Lola Paolissi is Miss Rhode Island Teen USA 2024 who emerges winner in 48 Contestants and represent her state at the Miss Teen USA 2024 on August 1 in Hollywood.

The Miss Rhode Island Teen USA 2024 Selection Committee include Judges Kristina Milan, Richie Defilippo, Nicole Menner, Sydney Gordon, Nicole T. Charleson Foster, Kate Dingley, Gibran Borbon, and Kelly Costa, ESQ..

The Preliminary Competition of Miss Rhode Island Teen USA 2024 is scheduled on Saturday, May 25 at 6PM and the Grand Finale & Coronation Show on Sunday, May 26, 2024 starting 2PM available to watch all LIVE from the pageant venue Rhode Island Convention Center in Providence, Rhode Island and Hosted by Lucio Andreozzi and Nicole Pallozzi, Miss Rhode Island USA 2019.

The Prelim Ticket for $55 and Final for $65 along with Special Reserved Seating Golden Circle 2-day ticket for $160 to join both days. Miss Rhode Island Teen USA 2024 In-person tickets are available for purchase at the Pre-Pageant Orientation and again during Pageant Weekend.

Check The List of 48 Contestants Vying Miss Rhode Island Teen USA 2024 Crown

01. Tiara Acevedo

02. Reyana Ahern

03. Julia Antetomaso

04. Honisty Baker

05. Grace Black

06. Litzy Blanco

07. Ava Bousquet

08. Emilia Brum

09. Sadie Cameron

10. Madison Carrier

11. Thea Cleofas

12. Madelyn Desilva

13. Paige Doyle

14. Faith Dumont

15. Varisa Dunston

16. Alexia Florez

17. Aviah Fraere

18. Cadence Gaffney

19. Felicity Gaffney

20. Olivia George

21. A’driana Lee Gill

21. A'driana Lee Gill

22. Jacquelin Gonzales

23. Jeanna Grace

24. Haydeeana Harris

25. Kaydence Holden

26. Alexandra Hope

27. Hailey Horne

28. Uva Juarez

29. Kiana Labonte

30. Ocean Lombard

31. Taylor Mooney

32. Sophia Pachis

33. Julianna Pauley

34. Brooklynn Peloquin

35. Sami Pilozzi

36. Kelly Pimentel

37. Debra Rivera

38. Krisity Sanethavong

39. Jennica Santos

40. Maya Satterlee

41. Gabriella Sepe

43. Kadrien Sperduto

44. Gabrielle Stubblefield

45. Carissa Tillinghast

46. Novali Torres

47. Janiya Varella

48. Sabrina Vest


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