Lara Melisa Gaffud was crowned Miss Petite Global 2024

Philippines takes Miss Petite Global 2024 Crown

The Reigning Queen Darsha Nair of Malaysia has crowned Lara Melisa Gaffud of Philippines as new Miss Petite Global 2024.

Results: Winner: Lara Melisa Gaffud of Philippines
  1. 1ST Runner-up: Zenande Lerota Guliwe of South Africa
  2. 2ND Runner-up: Sabrina Lee of Borneo
  3. 3RD Runner-up: Ziyan Wang of China
  4. 4TH Runner-up: Nannatcha Sajjaphuriphum of Thailand

As per update after finals from the organization "Contestants from 18 countries and territories competed in this year’s pageant which includes Australia, Borneo, India, France, Hungary, Japan, Thailand, South Africa, Philippines, Namibia, Singapore and Cambodia to name fews."

Miss Petite Global 2024 Grand Final on May 11th in Galaxy Banquet Hall, Kuala Lumpur

The Coronation Show and Grand Finale of Miss Petite Global 2024 X Miss Teen Global 2024 is happening now today on Saturday, May 11, 2024 starting at 7PM in present of Guest of Honor Aki Yazawa, Miss Petite Global 2023 who has arrived from her country Japan. At the conclusion of the pageant the successor of Darsha Nair, Miss Petite Global 2023 is going to be crowned.

Streaming Now Miss Petite Global 2024 Pageant at Facebook URL Today on Saturday, May 11th Starting 7PM

The Judges List who evaluating the performance of all contestants are given here:

  1. Head Judge - Agnes Angie Martin: Mrs Glam World Malaysia 2022, Fashion Designer & Enterprenuer
  2. Anne Rajasaikaran: Principle The Budimas Charitable Foundation, Mrs Malaysia International Global 2022
  3. Jesseca Long: Miss Global Asian 2024
  4. Joanne Lam: Mrs Classic Global Asian 2024
  5. Angela June: Mrs Grand Universe Malaysia 2024
  6. Serena Lee: Miss Universe Malaysia 2023
  7. Pich Mainavasta: Miss Petite Global 2022
  8. Kash Bhullar: Miss Grand Malaysia 2023
  9. Jarina Jasni: Mrs Global International Ambassador 2024

Results: Winner: Miss Petite Global 2024

Global Pageant Award Winners

Check The List of Contestants Vying Miss Petite Global 2024 Crown

  1. Angola: Ester Bleck, @miss_petite_global_angola
  2. Australia: Putri Widiyarti, @mizz_putri
  3. Borneo: Sabrina Lee @sabrnaa
  4. Cambodia: Vouch Chanmonica @chan_monika03
  5. China: Ziyan Wang @iamziyanw
  6. France: Maeva Belkilani @maevaabm
  7. Hungary @szonjadudik
  8. India @mmcmiv_xciv
  9. Indonesia @jac_queen36
  10. Japan @saya_nagamine38
  11. Latvia @valery_blond_
  12. Malaysia @bibijayy_2
  13. Myanmar @mee_mee_3
  14. Namibia @esperansa_martins
  15. Philippines @laragaff
  16. Singapore @chengyann.ade
  17. South Africa @zenny.lerato_
  18. Thailand @niiinajasreen
  19. United Kingdom @emilyharrison2023
  20. Vietnam @xiemleel
  21. Zambia @deborahthandizozulu

About: The competition was organised by Tiara Management and Leading Management.


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