Miss Universe Guatemala 2023 was LIVE from La Gran Sala Efraín Recinos Guatemala City on Aug 6th

The Pageant Venue is located in The Miguel Ángel Asturias Cultural Center (Centro Cultural Miguel Ángel Asturias)

Sun, Aug 6, 2023: The Miss Guatemala Universo Organization, the national Beauty pageant is conducting the Final Competition and Coronation in the La Gran Sala Efraín Recinos today on Sunday, August 6, 2023 commencing at 6pm CST. The 16 Contestants will present their best performance and at the end winner will be crowned as new Miss Universe Guatemala 2023.

In image Ivana Batchelor Showcasing her National Costume @ Miss Universe 2023

Results: WINNER: The First Ever Mother at Miss Universe, Michelle Cohn, Miss Universe Guatemala 2023

TOP 6 & Runner-up

  • Hassell Zúñiga 1st Runner-up
  • Brianna Herrarte 2nd Runner-up
  • Cielo Pereira 3rd Runner-up
  • Dayana García del Cid 4th Runner-up
  • Evelyn Tejada 5th Runner-up

TOP 16

  1. María Monzón
  2. Melany Herrera
  3. Rosario Flores
  4. Dayanna Gallardo
  5. Stephanie Valenzuela
  6. Sara Avendaño
  7. Annacamila Castillo
  8. Evelyn Donis
  9. Karen Sandoval
  10. Allany Rivas

Special Awards

  • Mejor Model Fotografica Winner:Michelle Cohn
  • Mejor Tecino Artistico Winner: Melany Herrera
  • Mejor Talento Coreografico Winner: Evelyn Tejada
  • Mejor Figura Winner: Evelyn Donis
  • Mejores Piernas Winner: Karen Sandoval
  • Miss Amistad and Mejor Rostro Winner: Brianna Herrarte
  • Mejor Sonrisa and Modelo Vizzano Winner: Annacamila Castillo
  • Miss Simpatia and Miss Elegancia Winner: Dayana García del Cid
  • Miss Personalidad and Modelo Agua Cielo Winner: Stephanie Valenzuela
  • Miss Fotogenica, Miss Cabellera and Miss Top Model Winner: Hassell Zúñiga

This year More than 70 brands are sponsoring Miss Guatemala Pageant and winners will get exciting prizes including special awards.

The Reigning Queen is Ivana Batchelor (full name Elizabeth Ivana Batchelor Batchelor) who holds Miss Guatemala 2022 Crown and was 2nd Runner-Up Miss Grand International 2020. She was crowned last year June 3rd. Today Batchelor will have her last walk as queen and crown her successor.

The Prelims are in the books, held at IRTRA Mundo Petapa, an Amusement park in Guatemala City on the night of Friday, August 4, 2023 with the contestants walking wearing exclusive designs of Nicteel by Owana Lima and LIVE Streamed here:

Check The LIST of 16 Miss Universe Guatemala 2023 Contestants

  1. Hassell Zúñiga aka Hassell Adriana Zúñiga Reyes @hassell_zr representative of Izabal
  2. Allany Rebeca Rivas Lemus, @allany.rivas, representative of Zacapa
  3. Annacamila Castillo aka Ana Camila Castillo Velásquez, representative of Sacatepéquez
  4. Brianna Herrarte aka Brianna Corina Herrarte Barrios, @briannacorh representative of Guatemala in the United States (Guatemala en USA)
  5. Cielo Pereira, Cielo Keyla Stephanie Pereira, representative of Alta Verapaz
  6. Dayana García del Cid, representative of San Raymundo
  7. Dayana Estefanía Gallardos Cifuentes, representative of the Central Guatemala region
  8. Evelyn Donis aka Evelyn Escalante, representative of San Juan Sacatepéquez
  9. Evelyn Tejada Rivas, representative of Santa Catarina Pinula
  10. Karen Sandoval aka Karen Sofía González Sandoval, representative of Santa Rosa
  11. María del Rosario Gómez Gutiérrez, representative of El Progreso
  12. María Dolores Monzón, representative of Chimaltenango
  13. Michelle Cohn, Capital City Representative
  14. Melany Herrera aka Melanie Victoria Herrera Marroquín, representative of the department of Guatemala
  15. Sara Estefanía Aguilar Avendaño, representative of Mixco
  16. Stephanie Valenzuela, @phanivaz, Stephanie Yulisa Valenzuela Castro, representative of Jalapa

Image: Official Social Media - Showing


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