Maggie Lemay appointed Operations Director of Miss Earth USA Pageant

Once Ms. Continental Worldwide, Mrs. New Hampshire Earth and the 1st runner up to Mrs. USA Earth 2022, is now Operations Director with Miss Earth USA Organization

Lemay works as School Teacher, Still She Rose™ Program Manager along with many social organization and was crowned Ms. Continental Worldwide in 2023

She recently expressed her mindset - "You. Do. Not. Have. An. Expiration. Date", "It’s never too late to do something amazing." and "Dream big. Work hard and don’t settle for average….at any age."

Miss Earth USA Organization has made several appointments in executive team.

Lemay is a military veteran who spent 10 years as an intelligence analyst in the United States Navy. She settled in the beautiful state of New Hampshire after completing her military service along with family. Currently, Lemay is an elementary school physical education and health teacher.

She earned a degree in psychology and master’s degree in physical education and became a nationally certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and sports nutritionist.

The pageant veteran Maggie Lemay has held the titles of Ms. Continental Worldwide, Mrs. New Hampshire Earth and was first runner up at Mrs. USA Earth 2022.

She joined Best Buddies New Hampshire to promote inclusion for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Maggie and her best buddy Lauren were selected to participate as “champion candidates” for the Best Buddies Champion of the Year gala in 2022 and were the featured buddy pair of 2023.

She established a health and wellness career and is the owner and operator of RightFit Wellness, which provides wellness coaching and personal training to clients all over the country. She lives with a passion for motivating others in all pillars of health including physical, mental, and environmental wellness.

In 2022, Maggie was named program director of the non-profit mental wellness initiative, Still She Rose and has dedicated time as Miss Earth USA’s official wellness sponsor.

Ms Lemay is multifaceted person, to know more about her scroll social media @msnewhampshire2023, @ms_continental_worldwide and also @missearthusa.


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