The JR Beauty USA 2024 Pageant is all set to crown Four Queens

The Four New Queen are being crowned today to represent United States at the International Teen Pageants

The reigning queen Emma Kitchen, Miss Teen Universal USA 2023;Bryanna Pasternak, Miss Teen International USA 2023; Sahada Llerena, Miss Teen Grand USA 2023; and Summer Collins, Top Model Grand USA 2023 are taking their "final sleep" to go ahead to crown their successors.

The Grand Finale and Coronation of The JR Beauty USA 2024 Pageant is happening today on Monday, May 13, 2024 starting 2PM EDT at the pageant venue - The Center At Deltona, located at Dr. M.L.K. Blvd in Deltona, Florida.

The tickets can be booked at the official website which also has complete pageant details for aspiring contestants.

Selection Process: In March 2024, The Application are opened for free to participate in the teenage contest with the most opportunities for personal and professional growth! The JR Beauty USA Organization looks for four queens to represent the United States internationally and deadline was set as April 1, 2024.

About: JR BEAUTY USA - THE PAGEANT is an iconic Teen Pageant in United States, where beauty, talent, and confidence come together to showcase the best of America! Led by National Directors Jose Perez and Jonathan Rivera, the JR Beauty USA's vision is to empower women and promote personal growth through pageantry. We aim to create a positive and inclusive community where women can develop their confidence, leadership skills, and make a difference in their communities.

Image: Official Social Media Instagram @jrbeautyusa | Facebook JR Beauty USA ORG.


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