Meet Ischikelle Corbin, Miss Antigua & Barbuda 2023 & Miss Caribbean Carnival 2024

AHLEI-Certified Guest Service Professional Corbin also was crowned Jaycees Caribbean Queen 2023

Ms. Cedar Valley Golf Club, Ikelle Corbin became Miss Antigua and Barbuda, Queen of Carnival, and Jaycees Caribbean Queen 2023 last year Streamed Live on Sunday, July 23, 2023 by ABS TV Antigua. Jahkaydah Isaac placed 1st Runner-up and 2nd Runner-up became. J’dinique Prince. Total 7 Contestants Codenamed The Enchanted 7 in competed in Carnival City.

The Complete Coronation Show is here to watch:

On Wednesday, August 2nd 2023 She came up with The Winner's Statement "As your Queen of Carnival, Jaycees Caribbean Queen, and newly appointed Tourism Ambassador, I vow to use my platform for the greater good of Antigua & Barbuda and the wider region, focusing on mental health & wellness and Youth empowerment initiatives." (Read Full Statement below)

She represented Antigua and Barbuda once again in the St. Maarten Carnival Caribbean Pageant on April 23rd.

Ischikelle Corbin aka Ikelle Corbin studied in Antigua State College.

AS told in professional profile, As a villa rental coordinator at Jumby Bay Island Resort with expertise in property management, event planning, and customer service, Corbin specializes in providing exceptional experiences for clients in the luxury real estate industry.

Winner's Statement by Ikelle Corbin (Shared at Facebook Social Media)

I have posted full text of her hear opened to world and beautiful video presentation which tells in-depth information and emotions, Read:

Good Night, Everyone!
Today I am writing this post with an overflowing heart of gratitude and joy. The journey to becoming Miss Antigua and Barbuda, Queen of Carnival, and Jaycees Caribbean Queen 2023 has been an incredible one, and I share this achievement with each of you.
First and foremost, I want to express my deepest appreciation for my wonderful ‘village’. Without your unwavering support, encouragement, and belief in me, I could not have come this far.
To my dear mother, Wonetta Corbin Smith,  you are my rock, my inspiration, and my guiding light. You molded me into the woman I am today, instilling in me the values of education, communication, and self-belief. Your lessons on grace, confidence, and intelligence resonated with me on stage, and they propelled me to success. Thank you for teaching me to speak excellence over myself and to dream big.
A heartfelt thank you goes to Shenella Govia  and the Ministry of Education, Sports & Creative Industries for providing the platform of Queen of Carnival 2023, allowing me to showcase my talents and passion.
To my sponsors, Cedar Valley Golf Club Ltd, and the entire board of directors, your support and belief in my journey have been invaluable.
To my dream team, who have stood by my side throughout this journey, your dedication and expertise have been instrumental in my success.
Raynel Carroll(Overall delivery & Walk), Malique Marsh Morson Malshawn(Talent writer and conceptualizer), O'Sean S Jackco-Tonge - Owen Jackson (Talent Director), Marvaline McLean(Talent Director), Jamilla Kirwan (interview Coach), and Sharon Barton (Dress & Swimwear Designer).
Thank you, Colin Wanga Martin & Team(Costume Designer), Hells Gate Steel Orchestra, and Khan Cordice for the wealth of information on the steel pan.
Roland Ambrose, thank you for building my Talent prop (The Barbie box) and the anonymous group of creatives for designing my Barbie costumes and Box. 
Thank you to the talented Shaveesa Gasper and ODane Doily, for assisting me on stage with my Talent. Thank you, thank you for making my dreams come to life on stage.
A special shoutout to my makeup artist, Shanice Williams, who always made me look and feel beautiful.
Special thanks to John Clarke of Splinters Beauty Salon for assisting us Queen of Carnival Delegates with hair and makeup throughout the journey and especially on the night of the show. John your team has been phenomenal with all the hair changes required. THANK YOU!
Staci Mua Russell – Thank you for your assistance backstage for the Jaycees Queen show. Your service was amazing. Thank you so MUCH.
Gym/Body Transformation: Special thanks to Jason Jonah Joseph for getting me started on my fitness journey and pushing me to the max! You’ve been with me from beginning to end and believed in my ability to get the job done! You’ve helped me to lose significant weight and push myself beyond my limits.
Thanks to my brother Tony Corbin for your guidance and specialized leg day training sessions! It pays to have a pro bodybuilder brother.
Thank you to Adrian Merrick for guiding me and teaching me the basics of fitness and body recomposition, improving my form and techniques in the gym, nutrition tips, and how to use my mind-to-muscle connection to my advantage. 
To my alma mater, the Princess Margaret School, my former classmates, teachers, and Colin Greene, your role in shaping me into a well-rounded individual cannot be overstated. I am forever grateful for the multifaceted learning experience at PMS.
I extend my heartfelt appreciation to the entire committee for Marsh and Marsh Production and Azara Lavia (committee interview coach) for their invaluable contributions.
To my fellow delegates in both the Miss Antigua pageant and the Jaycees Queen show, you have blessed me with sisterhood and friendships that will impact my future forever. I am so proud of you all.
A special thank you to the JCI Antigua - Jaycees organization and the Miss Jaycees Queen Show - JCI Antigua committee for making this journey a memorable experience. 
Special thanks to Susanne Shaw for her moral support. I love her like cooked food, and she has been a pillar for me throughout this journey. Thank you, Silvanie Abbot, Sharon Joshua, and the craft division at the culture department.
 To the worlds best chaperone during my Jaycees Queen show preparations Anandi Carroll! You were absolutely phenomenal and I can't thank you enough for taking such great care of me ☺️✨❤️. 
Gratitude goes to Derrian Brown of The District, @Shirley obermuller of Chez Btq / Rampage Boutique, and C's Closet for sponsoring my outfits throughout this remarkable journey.
To my family, friends, and supporters who have shown boundless love, encouragement, and financial assistance, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your belief in me has been my driving force.
Thank you to everyone in the Syrian community who've come to know and love me and who have also supported me on this journey.
My work family at Jumby Bay Island Resort  ,Thank you for such a warm welcome back. ❤ 
Special thanks to my immediate work team Brittany Murrain and Janelle Brookes for being such great workmates, friends, sisters, for supporting me.. For Everything! Love you guys with all my heart ❤️❤️✨
Special Thanks to my Family (too numerous to mention everyone, forgive me) for supporting me so strongly, those who have taken flights to witness my dream in person and have assisted with funds for preparations, Fabric Shopping, Mental health Check-ins, and calls. Renata Mc Donald, Rhonda De Barros, Dolly Livan-Harper, Clive Lyvan. My Siblings Teahjee Corbin, Duncan Tony Corbin, and Natanya Corbin I love you all and you have been so patient and supportive. Thank you.
My Significant Other Nahed Mhrtam! My Biggest fan. Thank you for being so patient, understanding, caring, and motivating. Thank you for loving me so genuinely. 
Finally, I want to extend my thanks to all the media outlets, ABS Television/Radio, Antigua Observer by NewsCo Ltd, Twin Island Media 94.1 FM, and Arkeem Glenroy Francis for covering my journey and helping me share my passion with the world.
To my personal media team who have assisted me twice on these momentous occasions and whom I greatly admire for their TALENT Zea Wiltshire and Jamaine Semple. THANK YOU ETERNALLY ✨🙏🏽
As your Queen of Carnival, Jaycees Caribbean Queen, and newly appointed Tourism Ambassador, I vow to use my platform for the greater good of Antigua & Barbuda and the wider region, focusing on mental health & wellness and Youth empowerment initiatives. 
Together, we can make a positive impact. 
Ischikelle Corbin - Miss Antigua Barbuda Queen of Carnival 2023
Antigua Barbuda Queen of Carnival 2023

Image Credit & Social Media: Facebook Antigua Barbuda Queen of Carnival


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