Florida Realtor was Winner Mrs. New York Fashion Week Queen 2021, Check Other Pageant Titles Already Won Here

The Winner of Mrs. US of A Globe, Mrs. Supermodel Magazine Competition, 2021 Face of SU Cosmetics Florida Realtor Kristen Weardon now crowned Mrs. New York Fashion Week Queen 2021 in Inaugural NYFW Queen 2021, Check Here The Very Special Beauty Practiced by her

In a society of beauty filters and fake news, Naples Native Kristen Weardon has proven that age, timeless beauty, and hard work are the key to success.

Florida Realtor to The Blue Kristen Weardon Wins Inaugural Mrs. New York Fashion Week Queen 2021 Title

NAPLES, Fla., Sept. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Forget beauty filters and faux social media influencers; Naples native & Southwest Florida's Realtor to The Blue, Kristen Weardon has truly shown that in the real world, age is no barrier to achieving dreams no matter what stage of life you are in.

Kristen is already a well-respected mother, successful business woman, charity board member, spokesperson, international beauty queen and recently added supermodel to her list of credentials. The 2019 Naples Power Woman was looking for a new challenge for 2021 and on a whim entered the Supermodel Magazine competition where she not only won the Editors' Choice, but she also won the 2021 Face of SU Cosmetics. Thanks to that win, Kristen was invited to walk in New York Fashion Weeks DIVERSITY ROCKS runway show including up and coming designer, Just10H. She was also featured on five different Times Square Billboards for the two weeks surrounding fashion week. It was during New York Fashion Week that Kristen was honored with the inaugural title of Mrs. NYFW Queen 2021.

So, what's Kristen's message to young women? It's simple, you are only limited by your own dreams and beliefs. Whether you're a mother, a businesswoman, a student or not sure where you are in life; to never give up on your dreams. Not every opportunity will be for you, not every door will open but the ones meant for you will always bring you everything you seek and more with patience and perseverance. Stop comparing yourself to the girl in the Instagram photo. You aren't her; you are you, you're unique and no one else can be you so; go "do you" to the best of your ability and never stop hustling and dreaming.

Kristen Weardon has lived in Naples, FL for over 30 years and is one of the most plugged in Realtors when it comes to Naples history and the local property market. In the ten years since being crowned Mrs. US of A Globe, she has been able to contribute to the Naples community and beyond through her passion for humanitarian work from disaster relief to hometown heroes. When she isn't supporting her local community or closing a real estate deal, you'll find Kristen getting out 'n' about, and breaking more stereotypes by off roading with her Jeep and Jeep group.


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