Emma Kitchen was crowned Miss Teen Universal 2023 in Lima

Peru's Capital City Lima Becomes Teen Beauty Capital Too This Week June 6-11th

Tue, Jun 6, 2023 Hollywood and Lima: The National Teen Queens from all over world are enjoying their arrival beginning today in Lima vying to win the Miss Teen Universal 2023 Crown.

Miss Teen Universal The International Organization has revealed Keylianne Rodríguez Marrero (@keyliannemariepr) Miss Teen Universal 2022 arrives today in the City of Lima, Peru travelling  all the way from Puerto Rico to fulfill her activities as an ambassador of Teenage Beauty.

Keylianne Rodríguez crowns Emma Kitchen

This Saturday The Reigning Queen Marrero will crown her successor the new Miss Teen Universal 2023 who emerges winner in all contestants at the end of Grand Finale and Coronation Night June 10th, 2023.

All over world everyone trying to guess “To which country will The Blue Universe Crown go?” from Puerto Rico. Colombia’s Gabriela Moreno Jaramillo @gabim.j was Miss Teen Universal 2021 and  Miss Teen Colombia 2020 who crowned Marrero. She was Miss Teen World Utuado 2022 and student of Colegio Marista de Guaynabo and Universidad del Sagrado Corazón, University in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Marrero says just before her departure to Lima “Every action we undertake, every dream we pursue, we do it with love. Because when love becomes our engine, we transform the ordinary into the extraordinary and chart a path full of passion and meaning.”

Image: Keylianne Rodríguez Marrero aka Keylianne Marie Miss Teen Universal 2022 is seen in Departure LOOK at Luis Muñoz Marin International Airport, Aeropuerto Internacional Luis Muñoz Marín - SJU, The International airport in Carolina, Puerto Rico.

Results: Winner: Emma Kitchen, Miss Teen Universal 2023 (USA)

  1. International Viceroy 2023: Ayrad Marie Rivera Colón, Puerto Rico - Miss Teen Universal PR 2023, Teen World Maricao 2023, Ego model 2020
  2. International Princess 2023: Sweezal Maria Furtado, India
  3. 1st Runner-up 2023: Ashley Javier Alvarado, República Dominicana
  4. 2nd Runner-up: Victoria De Caires, Venezuela

The winners of the 2023 continental titles were crowned by Miss Teen Universal 2022 Keylianne Rodriguez

  1. Miss Teen Universal Europe 2023: Clara Oliveira – Portugal
  2. Miss Teen Universal Americas 2023: Manuela Cardenas – Colombia
  3. Miss Teen Universal Caribbean 2023: Ashley Javier - República Dominicana
  4. Miss Teen Universal Asia 2023: Sweezal Maria Furtado - India

Special Awards

The Best National Costume Winner: Sweezal Maria Furtado - India

The Best Fantasy Costume Winner: Manuela Cardenas - Colombia

The Elegance (Premio a la Elegancia) Award: Victoria De Caires - Miss Teen Universal Venezuela 2022

The Best National Director: Carlos Figueroa Figueroa (@carlos41761) - Puerto Rico


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