Elizabeth Blanco is crowned Reina Hispanoamericana Guatemala 2024

At the end of Miss Guatemala Contest 2024 starting 7PM today in Dick Smith Theater, Miss Jutiapa, Elizabeth Blanco is crowned Reina Hispanoamericana Guatemala 2024.

The Full Performance & Final Competition Live Stream Here

Elizabeth Blanco @elizabeth_blanco96, 27 years old and 1.70m tall, competed as Miss Jutiapa.

Last year She competed with her full name Brianna Corina Herrarte Barrios at the Reina Hispanoamericana 2023 and return again to represent her country at the upcoming Reina Hispanoamericana 2024 pageant.

Blanco opened her heart as contestant "One of my dreams, one of my biggest challenges, an opportunity that I did not seek but desired with my heart, today it comes true, thank God! An illusion and a dream I had as a child, is about to become the biggest and unforgettable experience of my life."


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