Codi Miller is crowned Miss North Dakota USA 2024

Miss Western North Dakota is the new Miss North Dakota USA 2024 crown winner

The new queen Miss North Dakota USA 2024, Codi Miller will represent her state at the upcoming Miss USA 2024 in Hollywood this August 4th. She succeeded Monni Nyaribo, Miss North Dakota USA 2023.

The Miss Southeast North Dakota USA, Alyssa Hodges is placed 1ST Runner-up to Queen Miller.

Miller says "I own power tools, a little white house, too many shoes, a motorcycle, and a goat."

Contestant's Statement: Where it started && how it's going?

Miller told: 

-i am the 3rd of 4 kids. 

-my brother was a #raiders fan, so i was too. 

-theres a 14 year age gap from my oldest sister to my youngest sister. 

-im pretty lucky to have both my parents in my life... they will celebrate their 42nd wedding anniversary this year. 

-i became an auntie at 14. 

-i always dreamt to be on a stage, or should i say a ring... my childhood dream was to be a WWE diva.  

-both my grandfathers were in the #Navy. 

-i went to a 2-room school house for elementary school. 

 It's through my life experiences and my family that I am where I am. Never forget how special your individual story is... there's only one you, and that's your super power.


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