Clémence Botino: Miss France to Top 10 Miss Universe 2021 and Top 40 Miss World 2023

Miss Guadeloupe 2019, Clémence Botino became Miss France 2020, competed at Miss Universe 2021, won Top 10 Placement in Israel and after two years Top 40 Miss World 2023 in India

Wed, Nov 10, 2021: Today Clémence Botino Announced Her Candidature, The Contestant / Delegate Status to UNIVERSE ARENA @ Eilat Stage in Israel on Sunday, December 12, 2021 at 7PM Representing her nation as Miss Universe FRANCE 2021.

She expressed her joy as "Here we go Miss Universe 2021!!! It is with great pride, emotion, joy, tears that I announce my official participation in the Miss Universe @missuniverse 2021 contest on December 12 in Israel."

She further adds "If you only knew how much I dreamed about it, almost two years after being elected Miss France. I saw myself grow, evolve, smile, live, cry, dance. I made meetings that changed my life, I laid the foundations for a future that I had not dared to imagine! Today I feel stronger, more woman, more proud. What an honor to represent my country thank you Miss France @missfranceoff".

Lastly Thank you for your unwavering support, this is a moment that we will share together, we will live it without limits. Who's following me ?! Thanks to the team for this photo Paris Photographer François Lenski @francoislenski, French makeup artist from Paris Arnaud Sol Dourdin @arnaudsoldourdin, Sima Couture Paris Clothing Brand @simacouture_paris and Sophie Diry 3rd runner-up Miss France 2020 @sophiediryoff

The Mom LOVER!!!

  • On 14 December 2019, at the Dôme de Marseille, Clémence Botino was crowned Miss France 2020 with 31.95% of the public vote, narrowly winning ahead of Lou Ruat (Miss Provence) with 30.66%.
  • The Miss Universe Eilat Contestant has touchy note "Too Happy to have My MOM for this Make up and Hairdressing class. She has thanked French Make-up Artist Arnaud Sol Dourdin @arnaudsoldourdin for it asking YOU her look-alike-ness with MOTHER "Do you see the resemblance?!"

French Beauty Queen Clémence Botino On Road To Miss Universe Eilat: FUN FACTS Reflecting Her Core, Check:

  • 2020 Miss France Clémence Botino is WINNER The General Cultural Reward at Miss France Competition.
  • Clémence know how to dance Cuban Salsa The Famous CASINO.
  • Oh, Poor Baby, Clemence Botino has gone through hassles attempting 4 Times To Be Legaly on Road Just To Get The Drivers License Enabling Her To Drive Vehicles.
  • You can call her History LOVER If you look at her educational DEGREE Master 1 History of ART (Master 1 Histoire de l’art)
  • 2021 Miss Universe Eilat Bound Clémence Botino has succeeded Vaimalama Chaves, Miss France 2019, and becomes the third Miss Guadeloupe elected Miss France after Véronique de la Cruz in 1993 and Corinne Coman in 2003.
  • Before The Clemence's Election, in early December that is the first in the General Culture Test at the Miss France Competition securing 17.5 marks out of 20.

Clémence Botino, Miss France 2020 for Miss Universe @ Eilat CROWNED her successor Amandine Petit, Miss France 2021 on Saturday, December 19, 2020 at Puy du Fou in es Epesses.

  • Something Personal: Clémence Botino is Thursday, January 23, 1997 Born in Baie-Mahault, Guadeloupe, France
  • Educated in Sorbonne University (DNM)
  • Clémence is 1.75 m, 5 ft 9 Inch Tall Diva
  • Clémence Botino Beauty Pageant Titles are Miss Guadeloupe 2019, Miss France 2020
  • Clémence Botino has Brown Colored Hair and Eyes What A Matching!!!

Gala Magazine Cover Girl Clémence Botino Miss France 2020 at Marseille, France


The Virtual Meet CLÉMENCE Botino Tour:

  • Clemence Botino History License Holder.
  • The hard-working student who believes that school and education are keys to success.
  • After two years of literary preparatory class, Clémence Botino entered the prestigious university of la Sorbonne in Paris.
  • Today Miss Botino pursues her Master's degree in History of Art.
  • Clemence supports a few causes.
  • The Les Bonnes fées Member Celemnce is part of the French association that helps women who suffer from precariousness and disease.
  • The notion of oral transmission, tradition, and cultural heritage is great concerned for Miss France @ Eilat Clemence Botio.
  • As a historian, Clémence Botino sees elders as living archives and figures out how to give them a voice through radio, social media, and tv shows.

Check Miss Botino @ Guadeloupe Bathing at Fall Pool Picture Here:

  • Clemence is passionate about culture; she is curious, friendly, and always positive.
  • History must be accessible and fun is the motto with Clémence Botino which she realizes with The France Cultural Organizations.
  • Clémence Botino has developed lately a real passion for the rum industry. As an ISLAND Woman and a Rum Ambassador, she thinks that we must encourage youth to learn more about the local economy.

The Amazing Clemence Shot laying on sand swept by the incoming wave with heavenly smile at Anse à la Gourde Beach in Saint-François, Guadeloupe.

  • The French rum as a luxury product that must be known at the international level: Clémence Botino
  • In the male-dominated field so Clémence Botino wants to show that there is nothing that women cannot do.
  • The Profound Bond with her family and her island Guadeloupe is The Greatest Strength of Clémence Botino.

Check The Amazing Smile in Swimwear Sitting at Boat Railing in Guadeloupe Waters. Picture Here



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