The Amazing 176 Contestants Vying for Miss New York USA 2022 Crown

Watch In-person The Largest Number of Contestants in State Miss USAs, i.e. 177 Local Queens @ Seneca Niagara Resort & Casino, Right time to secure your seats along with family, friends, fans & supporters is Pre-Pageant Orientation, then wait for Thurs, June 2nd when Ticket Sales Open, till Saturday, June 4, 2022
Online Voting Live for 177 Contestants, Show The Universe, New York is The Best in Supporting The Most Inclusive Beauty Contest, Simply Cast Vote for Your Favorite or Whoever You Like
Last date to support your preferred Miss Contestants is 11:59 PM Fri, June 3, 2022, 5 vote minimum allowed at $1.00 = 1 vote

The Reward for The People’s Choice Award Winner Miss New York USA 2022 gets directly into TOP 10 along with The Crystal Trophy, Similarly The 2nd Highest, called Fan Favorite Award Winner enter direct to Semi-finals with The Crystal Trophy

Reigning Queen Briana Siaca Miss New York USA 2021 is all set to crown her successor, the new queen for Miss USA 2022!!!

Miss New York USA 2022 is MUST WATCH, IN-PERSON OR STREAMS AND VOTE ONLINE Miss USA & Miss Universe Preliminary, After All Its New York, The Glamor & Talent Capital of World

Just look at he contestants list at official website reflecting the whole world in the beautiful women in competition for Miss New York USA 2022 Crown, which not only provides chance to Nationally Televised Miss USA 2022, but Road To Miss Universe 2022 Too!!!

Andreia Gibau crowned Brentwood’s Briana Siaca Miss New York USA 2021 at Resorts World Catskills Monticello on Fri, Aug, 20, 2021. 
Briana Siaca represented New in Miss USA 2021. 
The Longest reigning Miss New York USA 2020 for 1 year, 7 months and 1 day and Top 10 Miss USA 2020, Manhattan’s Andreia Gibau, 24, Cape Verde Born was Miss Teen Earth United States 2016, TOP 16 Miss Earth United States 2017

If the new winner wins Miss USA 2022, she will be 4th as Till now New York has 3 Miss USAs: 
Jackie Loughery Miss USA & Miss New York USA 1952 
Mary Therese Friel Miss USA & Miss New York USA 1979 
Kimberly Pressler Miss USA & Miss New York USA 1999

Miss Event Details:

Venue: Seneca Niagara Resort & Casino located at Address: 310 4th St, Niagara Falls, NY 14303

Schedule: June 3-4, 2022 
Presentation & Prelims: Fri, June 3, 2022 at 6:00 PM EDT 
Grand Fine & Crowning: Sat, June 4, 2022 at 6:00 PM EDT

LIVE Streams: 
Preliminary Miss New York Competition - Friday June 3rd @ 6pm 
Final Miss New York Competition - Saturday June 4th @ 6pm

Vote Online:

Crowning By: Briana Siaca Miss New York USA 2021

WINNER: Heather Nuñez Miss New York USA 2022

  1. Zoe McGrady, 1st Runner-up Miss New York USA 2022
  2. Michelle Leon, 2nd Runner-up Miss New York USA 2022
  3. Marizza Delgado, 3rd Runner-up Miss New York USA 2022
  4. Toni Pringley, 4th Runner-up Miss New York USA 2022

Results: TOP 5 Miss New York USA 2022

  1. Marizza Delgado, Miss New York Earth 2021, STEMinist Filipino Restaurant, Data scientist @etsy, Model @onemanagement @starsmanagement, and Annoying vegan @healthy_ho
  2. Heather Nunez aka HEATHER ELLEY NUNEZ, Latina, Philanthropist & Public speaking, featured in @nypost, New York Cares ambassador, Domestic Violence/Mental Health advocate
  3. Michelle Leon, MISS Grand United States 2016, Ambassador of Ecuadorians in NY who studied in Maria Regina High School, B.A. Political Science, Pageantry & Public Speaking at Univision and United Nations
  4. Zoe McGrady, Studied Mechanical Engineering and Material Science at Duke University, Design x Zoe, Philly based artist, does handcrafted resin artwork
  5. Toni Pringley, Studied Advertising, PR and Media at Indiana University, Bloomington High School South From Atlanta, Georgia and DE&I at Tiffany & Co. Expertly crafting jewelry for the world’s greatest love stories since 1837, Host The Diversified Podcast

Results: TOP 11 Miss New York USA 2022

  1. Nadgeena Jerome
  2. Christiana Dinardo
  3. Jaya Madray
  4. Heather Nunez
  5. Zoe McGrady
  6. Marizza Delgado
  7. Michelle Leon
  8. Rachelle Di Stasio
  9. Tiffani Singleton
  10. Toni Pringley
  11. Dominique Reynolds

Results: TOP 21 Miss New York USA 2022

  1. Jaya Madray
  2. Toni Pringley
  3. Tiffani Singleton
  4. Britney Dhautal
  5. Nadgeena Jerome
  6. Dorina Papraniku
  7. Christiana Dinardo
  8. Emily Mahana
  9. Melanie Silverstrini
  10. Aundria Littlejohn
  11. Andrea Jaramillo Vasquez
  12. Zoe McGrady
  13. Dominique Reynolds
  14. Michelle Leon
  15. Maxine Cesar
  16. Rachelle Di Stasio
  17. Heather Nunez
  18. Analise Healy
  19. Marizza Delgado
  20. Jasmine Silvagnoli
  21. Andrianna Mackey

List of Contestants for Miss New York USA 2022

Rush Now to check headshots at and Vote Online Your Favorite Contestants, Excellent Way To Support for Semifinals!!!

  1. Katherine Abram
  2. Doris Adebanjo
  3. Fatuma Ahmed
  4. Suma Akter
  5. Anna Alimani
  6. Roma Amernath
  7. Amulya Ananth
  8. Ay'anna Archer
  9. Phoebe Avila-Olderman
  10. Veronica Banat
  11. Adeline Berger
  12. Hannah Blackwell
  13. Imani Bray
  14. Marissa Briglio
  15. Grace Brodersen
  16. Lyndsay Brown
  17. Melanie Brown
  18. Mahitha Bushap
  19. Leslie Campbell
  20. Katherine Carter
  21. Jazmin Castro
  22. Maxine Cesar
  23. Ramya Chunduri
  24. Italyia Circelli
  25. Samara Clark
  26. Emani Cooper
  27. Jillian Coscio
  28. Rena Dawkins
  29. Natalie De Ferrari
  30. Marizza Delgado
  31. Britney Dhautal
  32. Rachelle Di Stasio
  33. Ashley Diesso
  34. Christiana Dinardo
  35. Jayla Dismukes
  36. Elizabeth Duker
  37. Kiana Dunn
  38. Alyssa Edelglass
  39. Olivia Eichenstein
  40. Sammone Elliott
  41. Nadia Estrella
  42. Tiasia Ewell
  43. Jenn Fadiga
  44. Gabriella Fernandez
  45. Isabel Ferrer
  46. Kayla Fischer
  47. Nagnouma Fofana
  48. Lindsey Frazer
  49. Monica Frost
  50. Nadia Gakou
  51. Hannah Galarneau
  52. Samantha Galarza
  53. Jaylynn Garelick
  54. Angelina Gatt
  55. Mazel Genfi
  56. Tahira Gilyard
  57. Cayla Gona
  58. Mackenzie Grady
  59. Soleil Griffin
  60. Briona Hall
  61. Diamond Hamilton
  62. Mackenzie Harding
  63. Hannah Harris
  64. Heaven Harris
  65. Analise Healy
  66. Tyra Hemans
  67. Alanna Hepburn
  68. Evelyn Hernandez
  69. Kamerin Hing
  70. Jenna Hofmann
  71. Carolyn Hoover
  72. Chelsie Howell
  73. Dana Infante
  74. Suriah Iqbal
  75. Anajah Jackson
  76. Andrea Jaramillo Vasquez
  77. Nadgeena Jerome
  78. Angel Jessica
  79. Candace Johnson
  80. Megha Joshi
  81. Emily Jurgens
  82. Sunita Karki
  83. Erycah Kelley
  84. Lachauna Key
  85. Nadia Khalique
  86. Simran Kohli
  87. Adelisa Kolenovic
  88. Nina Kowalczyk
  89. Sasha Kupisk
  90. Jahla Lassiter
  91. Alessandra Laucella
  92. Jessica Lazo
  93. Michelle Lent
  94. Michelle Leon
  95. Iris Lin
  96. Aundria Littlejohn
  97. Ninaa Londyn
  98. Andrianna Mackey
  99. Jaya Madray
  100. Angelena Magdalene
  101. Emily Mahana
  102. Anchal Malhotra
  103. Samantha Mallare
  104. Amanda Marrano
  105. Deanna Marte
  106. Kiara Mata
  107. Meera Mathew
  108. Iesha Mayers
  109. Rosalyn Mcafee
  110. Zoe Mcgrady
  111. Ashley Mendola
  112. Madison Messina
  113. Dominique Miles
  114. Kelsie Minard
  115. Nikki Skyler Moll
  116. Suhana Monsalve
  117. Katherine Nguyen
  118. Ruth Nicasio
  119. Heather Nunez
  120. Shannia Nuñez
  121. Dorina Papraniku
  122. Grace Parmelee
  123. Catherine Perez
  124. Vicky Perez
  125. Marnick Pierre-Louis
  126. Yolanda Pinckney
  127. Dominique Pineyro
  128. Meg Polisuk-Balfour
  129. Nyree Pray
  130. Vieana Pressley
  131. Toni Pringley
  132. Abila Rahaman
  133. Basirah Rahim
  134. Courtney Renford
  135. Maria Repic
  136. Dominique Reynolds
  137. Cassandra Rios
  138. Simone Robinson
  139. Katielynn Rodriguez
  140. Lannette Rooks
  141. Khadijah Roper
  142. Ayesha Samad
  143. Angela Santamaria
  144. Jaidee Santos
  145. Barbara Satine
  146. Lily Seemann
  147. Sakina Shah
  148. Jasmine Silvagnoli
  149. Melanie Silvestrini
  150. Tiffani Singleton
  151. Kayla Snyder
  152. Carina Sosa
  153. Sasha Spitz
  154. Simmone Talford
  155. Jodi Tam
  156. Maya Taylor
  157. Ariel Teran
  158. Chanise Thomas
  159. Linda Thomas-Galloway
  160. Vanshika Tomar
  161. Kalia Townsend
  162. Victoria Treadwell
  163. Jennifer Trezza
  164. Nyasia Turner
  165. Christianna Ukponmwan
  166. Andrea Velgis
  167. April Veras
  168. Samantha Volpe
  169. Imani Walcott
  170. Synclaire Warren
  171. Josephine Watson
  172. Alexa Wearing
  173. Alysa Williams
  174. Jasmine Williams
  175. Tyler-Marie Wise
  176. Sally Yi

Putting the final touches on my farewell speech, I can’t help but reminisce on the past 9 incredible months. The people, the places, the memories… I’m so fortunate and SO grateful. I’m on my way to Niagara Falls to meet the contestants vying for the title of Miss NY USA 2022! I’m so excited! New York, I hope I made you proud!!!


A post shared by Briana Siaca (@brisiaca)

When I was in college back in 2014, my roommates and I stumbled across Miss USA on NBC. I had never actually watched a pageant before that time. I was so moved by the women on TV. In my eyes, they were the most beautiful women I'd ever seen. They were so confidence and courageous. My heart filled with admiration for the pageant world. Not for one moment during the show did I think I could be one of those women walking across that big stage. It felt too unachievable, too unrealistic, for me. I didn't realize that that night in 2014 set in motion a dream to achieve the unachievable. It took me two years to muster up just enough courage to deem myself "good enough" for a competition. With A LOT of hard work and patience, I finally had my moment. I became one of “those women” that I never thought I could be. I walked the Miss USA stage. I did that.


A post shared by Briana Siaca (@brisiaca)


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