Yamile Dajud was crowned Miss Universe Argentina 2023

The Miss Universe Vote for Yamile Dajud is active online on Oct 6th, Semi-finalist placement possible with fan support

Sun, Aug 6, 2023: The Reigning Queen Bárbara Cabrera Miss Universe Argentina 2022 has just crowned her successor, the winner against 21 Contestants, Yamile Dajud as new Miss Universe Argentina 2023 at the pageant venue Sala Del Sol, Avenue Guillermo Rawson Sur, City of San Juan, Argentina today on Sunday August 6th which started LIVE at 6pm.

The Compete Grand Finale Stream is available here to watch.

The Court of New Queen has four runners-up, Lali Dieguez 1st Runner-up, Neuque; Elena Mateo 2nd Runner-up, Tucuman; Martina Bottero 3rd Runner-up, Antartida; and Melany González 4th Runner-up, Santa Cruz.

Newly crowned Yamile Dajud Miss Universe Argentina 2023 will represent her nation with the national flag at the upcoming 72ND Miss Universe 2023 in El Salvador at the pageant venue Adolfo Pineda National Gymnasium (Gimnasio Nacional Adolfo Pineda) on Saturday November 18, 2023 where the reigning Miss Universe 2022, R'Bonney Gabriel will crown her successor at the end of Grand Finale.

New Queen Yamile Dajud Miss Universe Argentina 2023 is the 38TH Entry to Class of Miss Universe 2023 and The First Argentine Beauty Queen in the era of Dr. Anne JKN.

Winner's Statement

I look around me and my heart only exclaims Thank you God for your infinite greatness, for showing me that the universe conspires in favor of people who make their dreams come true and that my dream of calling myself Argentina today is a reality.

To all the people who have been part of this path of life, thank you, without a doubt your support has been invaluable and I want to thank you for that.

I want to give this message to all the Argentines that he represented before the universe today : I understood the reason why God wanted me to be born in the heart of Buenos Aires , I understood that I had a mission to fulfill with the land that saw me born and in which I grew up and although there were many doubts along the way, I was convinced that God's time had arrived and that as I have stated "everything responds to a divine and perfect purpose".

Argentina: I promise to carry your name high and take you to the top of the universe. I want to exalt you and honor your culture and idiosyncrasies.

With this message I just want to feel part of you, to feel at home, as a family and no matter the barriers of cultures, races, genders, today I represent the essence of love for all of you and the one that exists in my heart.

Thank you organization @missuniversoar for giving me the opportunity to be a pioneer of this social transformation that seeks to contribute and build a better place for all of us and above all to be a vehicle and tool of love on this path to Miss Universe.

And of course thanks to the @missuniverse organization for all the love and welcome.

I fully trust God's plans and just like Argentina 🇦🇷 today he is world champion! We will be champions and champions before the entire universe.
To all the Argentine people cheers!!

Your Queen Yamile Luján Dajud Zuluaga
Miss Universe Argentina 2023

Get to know Yamile now for Miss Universe Crown

I am 27 years old, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I am a Professional in Social Communication and a Specialist in Public Opinion and Political Marketing. I define myself as an empathetic, spontaneous, and cheerful woman. I am someone who rejoices with the affection and smile of others, and who seeks to raise her voice for good causes. I am willing to serve and work for people in order to leave a mark that transcends time, and above all to be recognized as an agent of social change.

• I am most proud of the woman I have become, so I have built myself with a lot of love and strength. I am also proud to have captivated Argentines through my true essence, even though my accent is foreign.

• If I could have any superpower it would be to teleport so that I can do whatever I want without thinking about the barriers that time and distance sometimes put in our way.

• I am deeply inspired by people who are able to make decisions based on what their heart dictates, people who match their true desires with their actions. People who are able to overcome adversity, who show compassion and solidarity towards others, and who work together to make the world a better place. I am also inspired by those who find motivation in the constant search for knowledge, creativity, and innovation, as well as in the beauty of nature and art. The diversity of perspectives and cultures that enrich our world is a constant source of inspiration for those who value inclusion and mutual understanding. In short, what inspires many people most is humanity's ability to grow, learn, and evolve in pursuit of a brighter and more equitable future.

• If I had to describe myself in one word, it would be authentic. Authenticity is a quality I value highly. I believe that being authentic means being genuine, sincere, and true to myself in all situations. I don't pretend to be something I'm not to impress others or fit into certain social molds. I prefer to show myself as I am, with my virtues and my imperfections. I believe that authenticity is fundamental to building genuine and meaningful relationships with the people around me. I appreciate honesty and integrity, and I believe that being authentic allows me to be respected and admired by those who know me. It's about holding firm to my convictions, values, and principles as I navigate through life in a way that is honest and consistent with myself.

• I am truly happy when people extend their love and support to me and let me know how much they trust me and what I have to give to the universe. I feel very lucky for so much love.

• I can hardly live without a good book. Books are a great companion for me and above all great allies. Besides enjoying them deeply because they expand my imagination and creativity, and give me knowledge and different perspectives on this wonderful world, books have contributed to my formation as a woman and to who I am.


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