Valeria Restrepo Salazar is CRWONED Miss Grand Colombia en Europa 2023

Miss Grand Colombia en Europa 2023 Grand Finale Today at AEGUA Disco Club Varazze

Sat, Jun 3, 2023: The AEGUA Disco Club Varazze is today hosting The First Ever Miss Grand Colombia en Europa 2023 Pageant commencing at 5pm with 5 Contestants vying for the debut edition crown which is road to Miss Grand Colombia 2023 at Mayor Auditorium CUN Performing arts theater in Bogotá, Colombia on June 18th starting at 6pm.

The LIST of 5 Miss Grand Colombia en Europa 2023 Contestants

  1. Señorita Aischa Vargas Durán, @aischa.vargas
  2. Señorita Michelle García Oquendo, @michelle.garcia1502
  3. Señorita Valeria Restrepo Salazar, @valeeery2000
  4. Señorita Arianna Gaviria Navas, @ariannagnley
  5. Señorita Valeria Alvarez Ruiz, @valeriaalvarezre


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