Universal Woman 2024 on March 22nd from Cambodia: Check Contestants, Stream and Results

Who will be successor of Valentina Sanchez Trivella, Universal Woman 2023?

Friday, March 22, 2024::Universal Woman 2024: March 14th to 22nd. Witness the Spectacle: Preliminary on March 21st, Grand Finale on March 22nd, 2024 starting at 7pm GMT+7 in Cambodia / 8am EST hosted by Julia Gama and Leav Avenger Hour.

Julia Gama, an accomplished actress, presenter, and the 1st Runner-Up in the Miss Universe 2020 pageant, brings her charisma and elegance to the stage.

Leav Avenger Hour, crowned Miss Friendship International 2023, adds her warmth and charm to the evening’s festivities.

The Preliminary Competition is available to watch at URL Youtu.be/zp3DYYEvDWk where The Universal Woman committee has announced the Top 5 Social Project Finalists. The winning countries are Denmark, India, Philippines, Chile and Kenya.

The Judges who will select the finalists on March 20 and crown the new Universal Woman 2024 on March 22.

  1. Luis Portelles: A true influencer and pageant expert, all the way from Cuba to Canada and now in the Philippines after his Mister Supranational 2023 journey.
  2. Benjamin Wong: A titan in the fashion industry, shaping trends since 2003 as the General Manager of New Silk Road Industry Group and a respected mentor in Miss World China.
  3. Sirey Morán Castro: A powerhouse in the entertainment world, crowned Miss Honduras Universe 2016, who brings her beauty and charm to our panel.
  4. Rafael Nieves: An entertainment maestro, reigning as Dancing with the Stars champion and master of luxury as a broker for private jets and yachts.
  5. Sangita Puri: A force for change, empowering women through skill training and setting new beauty standards as the CEO of De Cosmo Nepal.
  6. Rern Nat: Miss Universe Cambodia 2018 and Actress.
  7. Carolina Cuartas: Leading the charge as CEO of Universal Woman, a visionary in fashion and cosmetics, shaping the industry with her expertise.

The prelim was Live Streamed on Thursday, March 21, 2024 at PNN TV and via official Facebook Universal Woman Cambodia and PNN TV Cambodia. The Prelim was hosted by Valentina Sanchez Trivella, Universal Woman 2023 with Karibel Perez, 1st Runner Up 2023.

Results: Winner: Maria Sesaldo Gigante, Universal Woman 2024

  1. 1st Runner-up: Venezuela, Lisandra Chirinos

  2. 2nd Runner-up: France, Elisa Mysyshyne

  3. 2rd Runner-up: Cambodia, Brianna Mai

  4. 4th Runner-up: Dominican Republic, Tavera Pena Chabelli aka Chabeli Peña

Continental Queens

  • Universal Woman America: Argentina, Micaela Lopez Bianchi @micaelalopezbianchi
  • Universal Woman Africa: Kenya, Linet Kinya @official_linet_kinya
  • Universal Woman Asia: Thailand, Jennifer Panlita Gustavson @jennigustavson
  • Universal Woman Caribbean: Puerto Rico, Elaine Marie Rosado Rivera @elainemarierosado
  • Universal Woman Europe: Great Britain, Ashley Powell @ashleypowell.x
  • Universal Woman Oceania: Australia, Shirley Pulido @bonni07
  • Universal Woman Pacific: Honduras, Nicole Ponce @knicolepc

Top 12

  1. Zimbabwe, Sindiso Foulkes
  2. Denmark, Laura Schou
  3. Cuba, Donna Mujica
  4. Argentina, Micaela Lopez Bianchi
  5. Brazil, Carina Manzi
  6. Great Britain, Ashley Powell
  7. Puerto Rico, Elaine Marie Rosado Rivera

Top 24

Philippines, Venezuela and Zimbabwe also entered Top 24 List by Public Choice

  1. Bolivia (People's Choice): Janella von Duker
  2. Thailand: Jennifer Panlita Gustavson
  3. Belgium: Sarah-Maria Lux
  4. Kenya: Linet Kinya
  5. Germany: Lila Jostingmeier
  6. Honduras: Nicole Ponce
  7. India: Apeksha Dabral
  8. Colombia:  Laura Rentería
  9. China: Yali Hu
  10. Malaysia: Chun Joo Yee
  11. Switzerland: Vanessa Williams
  12. Vietnam: Bianca Nguyen

Special Awards Winners

  • Social Project Winner: India: Apeksha Dabral
  • Universal Woman Model: Yali Hu, Universal Woman China, @huyalihyl
  • Universal Woman Inspirational: Laura Rentería , Universal Woman Colombia, @laurarenteria96
  • Universal Woman Social Media:Maria Gigante, Universal Woman Philippines , @mariagiant
  • Universal Woman Sympathy: Maria Gigante, Universal Woman Philippines, @mariagiant
  • Universal Woman Photogenic: Raimonda Gecaite, Universal Woman Lithuania, @rairica21
  • Universal Woman Wardrobe: Elaine Marie Rosado Rivera, Universal Woman Puerto Rico, @elainemarierosado
  • Universal Woman Skin: Sindiso Foulkes, Universal Woman Zimbabwe, @prettiesindy
  • Universal Woman Smile: Andrea Moran, Universal Woman El Salvador, @andreamoranbenitez 
  • Universal Woman Earth Baby Ambassador: Chun Joo Yee, Universal Woman Malaysia, @chunjoeyloves
  • Universal Woman Beautiful Eyes: Laura Schou, Universal Woman Denmark, @laura.schou
  • Universal Woman Catwalk: Lisandra Chirinos, Universal Woman Venezuela, @lisandrachirinoss

Top 5 Social Project Finalists

  1. Laura Schou, Universal Woman Denmark
  2. Apeksha Dabral, Universal Woman India
  3. Camila Santiago, Universal Woman Chile
  4. Linet Kinya, Universal Woman Kenya
  5. Maria Gigante, Universal Woman Philippines

Check The LIST of 45 Contestants Vying Universal Woman 2024 Crown

The online voting is LIVE, to vote for the favorite candidate /s at the official website Universalwomanofficial.com to automatically advance to the top 24 semifinalists.

You can vote as many times as you like. The top 4 candidates with the most votes secure a direct pass to the top 24!

  1. Andrea Moran, Universal Woman El Salvador
  2. Apeksha Dabral, Universal Woman India
  3. Ashley Powell, Universal Woman Great Britain
  4. Azhar Zhumabekova, Universal Woman Kazakhstan
  5. Bianca Nguyen, Universal Woman Vietnam
  6. Brianna Mai, Universal Woman Cambodia
  7. Camila Santiago, Universal Woman Chile
  8. Carina Manzi, Universal Woman Brazil
  9. Tavera Pena Chabelli aka Chabeli Peña, Universal Woman Dominican Republic
  10. Chun Joo Yee, Universal Woman Malaysia
  11. Dayanna Jimenez, Universal Woman Peru
  12. Donna Mujica, Universal Woman Cuba
  13. Elaine Marie Rosado Rivera, Universal Woman Puerto Rico
  14. Elisa Mysyshyne, Universal Woman France
  15. Fanny Julien,  Universal Woman Tahiti
  16. Ilda Saduk, Universal Woman Indonesia
  17. Janella von Duker, Universal Woman Bolivia
  18. Jasa Alvarez, Universal Woman Mexico
  19. Jennifer Panlita Gustavson, Universal Woman Thailand
  20. Jocilyn Chin, Universal Woman Singapore
  21. Khin Myo Htwe, Universal Woman Myanmar
  22. Kristina Sukhorukova, Universal Woman Moldova
  23. Lana Blum, Universal Woman USA
  24. Laura Rentería , Universal Woman Colombia
  25. Laura Schou, Universal Woman Denmark
  26. Laurien Polnau, Universal Woman Poland
  27. Lila Jostingmeier, Universal Woman Germany
  28. Linet Kinya, Universal Woman Kenya
  29. Lisandra Chirinos, Universal Woman Venezuela
  30. Maria Gigante, Universal Woman Philippines
  31. Mariana Zamora, Universal Woman Uruguay
  32. Nicole Ponce, Universal Woman Honduras
  33. Micaela Lopez Bianchi, Universal Woman Argentina
  34. Mirjam Sheehama, Universal Woman Namibia
  35. Orange Ning, Universal Woman China-Hong Kong
  36. Raimonda Gecaite, Universal Woman Lithuania
  37. Raissa Cotrim, Universal Woman Portugal
  38. Sara Szigeti, Universal Woman Hungary
  39. Sarah-Maria Lux, Universal Woman Belgium
  40. Scarle Jerez-Bermudez, Universal Woman Spain
  41. Shafina Shah, Universal Woman Pakistan
  42. Shirley Pulido, Universal Woman Australia
  43. Sindiso Foulkes, Universal Woman Zimbabwe
  44. Tata Gabidzashvili, Universal Woman Georgia
  45. Vanessa Williams, Universal Woman Switzerland
  46. Yali Hu, Universal Woman China
  47. Yanira Jimenez, Universal Woman Gibraltar
  48. Yuliia Drozdova, Universal Woman Ukraine
  49. Khadidiatou Amir, Universal Woman Senegal - Initially listed at Online Voting but removed as of March 22nd.

About: Led by CEO and Founder Carolina Cuartas, The Universal Woman Pageant allows 25 to 45 years old women to enter without height, weight to marital status requirements and to unite, celebrate and advance women’s contribution, diverse beauty and accomplishments. The social front is called UNIVERSAL MISSION.

Cuartas @carolinalondon_ is owner of Ufashion Cuartas Fashion Model Talent agency working in UK, USA and China.


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