Townsend Blackwell is crowned Miss Tennessee Teen USA 2024

The First Entry to Class of 2024 Miss Teen USA 2024 is just made, Miss Lakeland Teen USA 2024 is the new Miss Tennessee Teen USA

Townsend Blackwell was Miss Iris Tennessee Teen Volunteer 2023

Sat, March 9, 2024: The Reigning Queen Blye Allen, Miss Tennessee Teen USA 2023 has crowned the new queen Townsend Blackwell when she emerged winner against 34 Contestants in Clarksville. The Coronation Show was Streamed LIVE at Pageant Vision where the recordings are available.

New queen will represent Tennessee at Miss Teen USA 2024 in August at Hollywood.

She loves Tennis and socially active as Heart Health Advocate. She chose ZIMMERMANN for her Interview look, as seen in the image, wearing the makeup by Kimber Smith | Makeup Artist.

Blackwell joined the three day pageant where several rehearsals, interview made followed by Active Wear, Evening Gown and on-stage interview rounds.

Before leaving for the pageant Blackwell told "I have been blessed with two wonderful grandmothers who have helped shape the person I am today! For Wonder Woman Wednesday, I want to give a huge thank you to these two incredibly strong and generous women who have done so much for me. Mimi, thank you so much for always teaching me new things and sharing so many stories with me. Gammie, I know you are watching over me constantly, and I miss you so much! I am so thankful for both of you!"

Image: Official Instagram 


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