This Year 32 Contestants Vying Miss Belgium 2024 Crown, Finals on Feb 24th

Sat, Feb 24, 2024: The Miss Belgium 2024 Pageant is Streaming LIVE on Eclipse TV or on Sudinfo and Facebook at and to watch for FREE at from the Proximus Theater in De Panne starting at 8:30pm. Check The Results as it happens below.

All the contestants danced on stage wearing shining black sportswear by Victoria's Secret. The amazing & colorful designer outfits was Caroline Biss creation.

Mon, Dec 25, 2023: The final election and coronation of Miss Belgium 2024 will take place on Saturday, February 24th, 2024. The pageant venue is the Proximus Theater De Panne, Belgium.

The Miss Belgium Organization is license holder of Miss Universe and Miss World Pageants. The winners elected at the end of final competition are sent to compete at the International Stages.

Flemish Brabant's Emilie Vansteenkiste is reigning Miss Belgium 2023 who competed at Miss Universe 2023.

The current Miss World 2023 Contestants is Kedist Deltour who was Miss Belgium 2021 and represented her country at the Miss Universe 2021. At local level she was Miss East Flanders 2021 winner.

Results: Kenza Ameloot, Miss Belgium 2024

  • 1ST Runner-up: Estelle Toulemonde
  • 2ND Runner-up: Julie Mortier


  1. Marie Rousseaux
  2. Julie Mortier
  3. Estelle Toulemonde
  4. Arwen Van Gucht
  5. Kenza Johanna Ameloot

TOP 15

Initially Top 22 contestants screamed followed by further screening to Top 15.

  1. Parnian Robatsarpooshi
  2. Jade Hulsman
  3. Ines Castronovo
  4. Cheyenne Vermeeren
  5. Amélie Delatte
  6. Ilouna Aneca
  7. Arwen Van Gucht
  8. Juliette Popeye
  9. Alana Quintin
  10. Julie Mortier
  11. Ellen Van Dosselaer
  12. Fayza Manzo
  13. Marie Rousseaux
  14. Estelle Toulemonde
  15. Liza-Roos Verbeeck
  16. Kenza Johanna Ameloot

Check The LIST of 32 Contestants competing at the National Finals

The Online Voting for your favorite is set up at the official website listing 31 contestants headshots with numbers MB01 to MB32. By clicking the image voting process can be done at the following page.

Alternately Send Contestant's Number (MBXX) to 6665 to vote.

  1. MB01 Camille Van Bogaert, Sint-Niklaas
  2. MB02 Dafina Shahini,  Jambes
  3. MB03 Parnian Robatsarpooshi, Scherpenheuvel-Zichem
  4. MB04 Giulia Crucke
  5. MB05 Shania Mestdagh
  6. MB06 Alexandra Butoi
  7. MB07 Lara Srithong
  8. MB08 Léna Makoka
  9. MB09 Jade Hulsman
  10. MB10 Ines Castronovo
  11. MB11 Cheyenne Vermeeren
  12. MB12 Amélie Delatte
  13. MB13 Ilouna Aneca
  14. MB14 Jennifer Tabotasa Agbor
  15. MB15 Arwen Van Gucht
  16. MB16 Marie Cordonnier Karam
  17. MB17 Juliette Popeye, Miss West-Vlaanderen 2024
  18. MB18 Laurine Engelen
  19. MB19 Aude Vlerick
  20. MB20 Alana Quintin, Miss Hainaut 2024
  21. MB21 Julie Mortier, Oudenaarde, Miss Oost-Vlaanderen 2024
  22. MB22 Karina Nemova, Jette
  23. MB23 Fien De Vlieger, Drongen (Gent)
  24. MB24 Jitse Stevens, Merchtem
  25. MB25 Ellen Van Dosselaer, Beveren
  26. MB26 Fayza Manzo, Gembloux, 1ST Runner-up Miss Namen 2024
  27. MB27 Guinevère Engelen, Oud-Rekem
  28. MB28 Marie Rousseaux, Antwerp
  29. MB29 Lennie Blockmans, Antwerp
  30. MB30 Estelle Toulemonde, Miss Luxembourg 2024
  31. MB31 Liza-Roos Verbeeck
  32. MB32 Kenza Ameloot, Sint-Amandsberg

About: The National Committee Miss Belgium (Miss België) since 1928 is currently led by chairwoman Darline Devos. Miss Belgium is also known with language names, Miss Belgique, Miss België, and Miss Belgien.


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