The Reina Hispanoamericana 2024 Pageant: Contestants, LIVE Streaming Dates, Venue, and Results

Who will be successor of Arlett Rujel, The Reina Hispanoamericana 2023?

Grand Finale and Coronation on Sunday, January 28th, 2024 in Centro de Convenciones Fexpocruz, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia

Sun, Jan 28, 2024:: This year 31 Contestants are vying to become The 32ND Reina Hispanoamericana (Hispanic American Queen) on Sunday, January 28, 2024 in the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia starting at 9pm.

The current crown holder Arlett Rujel was crowned as The Reina Hispanoamericana 2022-23 on Saturday, March 25, 2023.

The Judges are:

Luciana Fuster, Miss Grand International 2023 artist, TV host, radio presenter and a renowned influencer with over 5 million followers.

José María Reyes, General Manager of Hotel Radisson Santa Cruz, developer of business strategies to boost tourism, art and local culture.

Paola Coimbra, Miss Santa Cruz 2001; Miss Bolivia Universe 2001; 3rd Finalist of South American Queen 2001 and Queen of Carnival Cruise 2002, Miss Press and Finalist of Miss Globe 2005 held in Albania; currently she is an Influencer and TV Host.

Ramiro Sarrano, Social communicator by profession, he worked in the main radio stations of La Paz as a broadcaster, producer and director. He worked as a host, producer and journalist on various TV programs. 
He participated as an actor in television programs and starred in several plays. 
He is a screenwriter, producer, actor, broadcaster, entrepreneur and public and corporate image consultant. Currently National Director of MAYA AWARDS.

Stephany Sanchez, Miss Pando 2016; I represent Bolivia and win the crown of Miss Mesoamerica International 2017 in El Salvador; currently she is the host of network Uno de Bolivia

Stephen Diaz, Chief of Staff and Principal of Miss International Pageant

Special Artists coming to Finals of Reina Hispanoamericana 2024 are ADRY VARGAS, LU OF THE TOWER, BONNY LOVY, Chris - THE BROTHERS and MATAMBA along with Musical Production by ERICK NUMBELA.

Streaming Now Reina Hispanoamericana 2024 Coronation

Results: Winner: Maricielo Gamarra Reina Hispanoamericana 2024 of Peru

  • Virreina Hispanoamericana 2023 Fernanda Rojas of Venezuela
  • 1st Runner-Up Cynthia Moura of Brazil
  • 2nd Runner-Up Michelle Arceo of Philippines
  • 3rd Runner-Up Bianty Gomperts of Curaçao
  • 4th Runner-Up Paula Andrea Alarcón of Colombia

TOP 13

  1. Bolivia – Darla Reyes
  2. Dominican Republic – Melissa Domínguez
  3. Ecuador – Juliana Robles
  4. Indonesia – Chesy Anribka Mose
  5. Italy – Vanessa Ortiz
  6. Mexico – Carolina Pérez - People's Choice Winner
  7. Puerto Rico – Sarahí Figueroa

Special Awards

  1. Bicentenario Ambassadress: Mexico – Carolina Pérez
  2. Miss Sports Kalomai: Peru – Maricielo Gamarra
  3. Best National Costume: Mexico – Carolina Pérez
  4. Ambassadress International Nueva Santa Cruz: Mexico – Carolina Pérez
  5. Ambassadress Philips: Venezuela – Fernanda Rojas
  6. Best Smile by Orest: Venezuela – Fernanda Rojas
  7. Miss Radiant Skin Solaris: Brasil – Cinthya Moura
  8. Miss Ecojet: Venezuela – Fernanda Rojas
  9. Best Medical Center Silhouette: Colombia – Paula Andrea Alarcón

Check The LIST of The Reina Hispanoamericana 2024 Contestants

  1. Yuliana Pérez, Reina Hispanoamericana Argentina 2023
  2. Darla Reyes Becerra, Reina Hispanoamericana Bolivia 2023
  3. Cinthya Moura Escavadeira, Reina Hispanoamericana Brasil 2023
  4. Arshdeep Thind, Reina Hispanoamericana Canadá 2023
  5. Amaya Butrón Carrasco, Reina Hispanoamericana Chile 2023
  6. Paula Andrea Alarcón Vargas, Reina Hispanoamericana Colombia 2023
  7. Valeria Rees Loría,  Reina Hispanoamericana Costa Rica 2023
  8. Yisel Yero, Reina Hispanoamericana Cuba 2023
  9. Bianty Gompert, Reina Hispanoamericana Curazao 2023
  10. Juliana Robles, Reina Hispanoamericana Ecuador 2023
  11. Daniela Guevara, Reina Hispanoamericana El Salvador 2023
  12. Sara Lahidalga, Reina Hispanoamericana España 2023
  13. Estephania Cruz, Reina Hispanoamericana Estados Unidos 2023
  14. Taria Franchesca Burga Sánchez, Reina Hispanoamericana Europa Hispana 2023
  15. Michelle Arceo, Reina Hispanoamericana Filipinas 2023
  16. Brianna Corina Herrarte Barrios, Reina Hispanoamericana Guatemala 2023
  17. Cassandre Jacques, Reina Hispanoamericana Haití 2023
  18. Alanna Fonseca, Reina Hispanoamericana Honduras 2023
  19. Chesy Anribka Mose, Reina Hispanoamericana Indonesia 2023
  20. Vanessa Ortiz Penagos, Reina Hispanoamericana Italia 2023
  21. Carolina Pérez Martínez, Reina Hispanoamericana México 2023
  22. Gabriela Rodríguez, Reina Hispanoamericana Nicaragua 2023
  23. Mística Nuñez, Reina Hispanoamericana Panamá 2023
  24. Lorena Román, Reina Hispanoamericana Paraguay 2023
  25. Maricielo Gamarra Alvarado, Reina Hispanoamericana Perú 2023
  26. Raquel Fonseca, Reina Hispanoamericana Portugal 2023
  27. Sarahí Figueroa Colón, Reina Hispanoamericana Puerto Rico 2023
  28. Melissa Domínguez Cuevas, Reina Hispanoamericana República Dominicana 2023
  29. Andrea Sofia Montenegro Romero, Reina Hispanoamericana Trinidad y Tobago 2023
  30. Lucia Piñeyro Lima, Reina Hispanoamericana Uruguay 2023
  31. Fernanda Isabel Rojas Ramírez, Reina Hispanoamericana Venezuela

Image: Official Social Media and showing last year's contestants posing in a group picture.


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