The Miss South Florida Fair and Miss Palm Beach 2024 Final on Jan 13th

Kaysha Florvil will compete the local preliminary to Miss Florida 2024

Wed, Dec 20th, 2023: Miss Florida 2024 Local Preliminary, The Miss South Florida Fair and Miss Palm Beach 2024 Final will elect new queen on Saturday, January 13th. Run by Executive Director, Theresa LePore, the pageant awards over $13,000 in scholarships.

The last pageant was held on Saturday, January 14, 2023, starting 4pm at the Expo East Stage with 14 Contestants where at the end for finals, the current queens, Annie McGrath, Miss South Florida Fair 2023 and Caroline Smith, Miss Palm Beach County 2023 are elected.

The crown chasing contestants, Kaysha Florvil said on her candidacy "We are less than one month of away from the Miss South Florida Fair/Miss Palm Beach County competition and I can’t wait to spend more time with this sisterhood and create even more memories!! I love you allll." She was Miss Treasure Coast 2023 working on Reach From Within: Raising Awareness for Mental Health.

The 17-day-long South Florida Fair 2024 will be held during January 12th - January 28th. The other events at fair are Culinary Competition, Creation Station Competition, Rock Tribute Band Competition, Drumline Competition, Senior Bake Off Competition, and Fiddle Contest. The official website has more information and updates.


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