The Heritage pageants 2024: Calling Aspiring Candidates for Ten Crowns

Sun, Feb 4, 2024: The Miss Heritage International 2024 and Mrs Heritage International 2024 will take place in Thailand this autumn. The registration for the aspiring contestants is now going on at the official website which welcome for following crowns:

  • Miss Heritage International
  • Mrs Heritage International
  • Miss Environment International
  • Mrs Heritage Gold
  • Ms Heritage Plus
  • Ms Heritage Petite
  • Heritage Gems International
  • Ms Heritage International
  • Heritage Gems International
  • Heritage Ambassador

The official website has mentioned Terms & Conditions in details for each category. This year the pageant enters in 7th edition. At the moment Franchise opportunity Available for National Directors Worldwide.

As per the organizer "Heritage Pageants is a gift box of information about our past and the future live, where we learn about a country and its people. We exchange ideas and feelings freely to preserve our heritage and culture. Celebrating the Past, Embracing the Present, and Envisioning the Future."

The last year's Heritage Pageants 2023 was held on November 25th in Bangkok, Thailand where following winners are crowned out of fifty plus contestants:

  • Miss Heritage International 2023 Winner: Erika Hara of Japan
  • Mrs Heritage International 2023 WINNER - Wuandar Jirleyth Casanova of Venezuela
  • Heritage Gems International 2023: NguyỄn Lê YẾn NgỌc of Vietnam 

The pageant, lead by the chairperson Santosh Sapkota and organized by Eplanet Pte Limited, Singapore, is designed for ladies of all nationalities from all over the world between the ages of 18 to 45 years AGE CATEGORIES: Miss Heritage International 18 – 27 Mrs. Heritage International 20 – 45.


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