The Fan Favorite Winner to Get Top 6 Placement to one of 26 Miss New Mexico USA 2023 Contestants

Result WINNER: Bianca Wright Miss New Mexico USA 2023

  • Additionally The Organizer Confirms A Top 16 Spot to People’s Choice Winner
  • The Online Vote Allows Unlimited votes allowed with each vote costing $2
  • The Midnight of Saturday, June 3rd is DEADLINE to VOTE for Fan Favorite and People’s Choice

Wed, May 31, 2023 Hollywood and Las Cruces: This year also Miss New Mexico USA 2023 & Miss New Mexico Teen USA 2023 has set two types of online voting at URL for Miss Vote and Teen Vote, which allows public to to vote supporting the contestants of choice.

The Pageant is scheduled this weekend during two days, Saturday, June 3rd for prelims and Sunday, June 4th, 2023 to final competition and coronation of Miss and Teen Queens.

The Reigning Queen Suzanne Perez Miss New Mexico USA 2022 will crown her successor the winner in 26 contestants as new Miss New Mexico USA 2023 at the end of Grand finale in the Pageant Venue ASNMSU Center for the Arts, A Performing Arts Theater in University Park, Las Cruces on Sunday, June 4th, 2023 starting at 4pm.

Suzanne Perez Miss New Mexico USA 2022 herself was crowned by Christa Schafer Miss New Mexico USA 2021 on Sunday, June 5th, 2022 at New Mexico Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum Las Cruces when she emerged winner over 23 contestants.

Till now New Mexico has only one Miss USA Winner, Mai Shanley Miss USA 1984 and Top 10 Miss Universe, who was crowned 69 years back.

Check The LIST of 26 Miss New Mexico USA Contestants

  1. Alexis Trindade
  2. Allie Prieto
  3. Alondra Ruiz
  4. Ami Becerra
  5. Bianca Wright
  6. Cadence Stark
  7. Chariona Bridges
  8. Danielle Valdivia
  9. Elizabeth Medina
  10. Emily Jacquez
  11. Emma Fuchs
  12. Francesca Covino
  13. Jasmin Perry
  14. Katherine Schultz
  15. Kiara Armstrong
  16. Lauren Rice
  17. Macey Rose
  18. Mackenzie Sydow
  19. Malaysia Persinger
  20. Melanie Albarran
  21. Mia Navarro
  22. Nevaeh Lujan
  23. Nichole Zamora
  24. Priscilla Trujillo
  25. Sapphire Persinger
  26. Taylor Garcia


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