The 10TH Miss Global Pageant: All Activities Set in January 2024

This year Miss Global is going to elect the new queen in January month who will be successor of Shane Tormes, The 9TH Miss Global

The Winner in 80 Contestants will wear Phoenix Crown

Vietnam was revealed as the Miss Global 2023 host country in a live press conference. In between the final competition was announced on June 2023 then Nov 11th but lastly the organization released January 3rd to January 13th Preliminary Competition. The Coronation Date and Time is still to to come out.

The 10th Miss Global Contestants have to face different phases of competition and Grand Finale Finale in Ho Chi Minh City as per last press conference, where Keita S. Cheick, the Ambassador of Human Rights Organization from the United Nations said "Vietnam can convey deep meanings @ Miss Global 2023 for women and single moms aged 18-35 Announcement".

Check Full Results: Ashley Melendez Miss Global 2023 of Puerto Rico

National Costume Competition 2024

Tue, Jan 16, 2024: Streaming Now The Miss Global presented National Costume Competition 2024 LIVE from Bayon Studio Stueng Meanchey, also streamed at multiple locations in Facebook.

80 Contestants @ Miss Global App and Choicely Powered Online Voting Commencing on Dec 21st

The Miss Global Online Voting is open worldwide for fan and public who are 14 years of age or older at Miss Global App and Official Website with 80 Contestants' Headshots.

The Voting Period for the Global Vote will begin on December 21, 2023 and end at 11:59 pm on January 17, 2024 (the “Voting Period”). Votes received outside of the Voting Period will not be counted.

The LIST of 78 Miss Global 2023 Contestants Announced with Code Name 'Female Warriors'

Miss Global 2023 Vietnam Schedule revealed

3/1: Miss Global's Contestant Arrival to HCM   
4/1: Pool Party & Swimwear Photoshoot   
.5/1: Minh Tuan Couture Fashion Show and After Party   
6/1: Charity Gala   
7/1: Charity Activity with Living is Giving   
8/1: Depart to HCM   
9/1: Glamshot Photoshoot.   
10/1: Departing for Phu Quoc. Welcome Dinner at Phu Quoc   
11/1: Experiencing Phu Quoc & Photoshoot   
12/1: Rehearsal for Semi-Final   
13/1 Miss Global 2023 Preliminary Event

The LIST of 80 Miss Global 2023 Contestants & Countries

  1. Miss Global Afghanistan, Nina Zirai, (@z_miss_nina)
  2. Miss Global Armenia, Christiane Garibian, (@christianegaribian)
  3. Miss Global Australia, Janaya Reimers (@janayareimers)
  4. Miss Global Austria, Sophie Else Seyfarth (@sophie.seyfarth), Miss Berlin 2024, Miss World Noble Queen Germany 2022
  5. Miss Global Bahamas, Kiana Dominique Harris (@kianaharris22)
  6. Miss Global Bangladesh, Afla Ammran
  7. Miss Global Belgium,Yuri Bastiaens
  8. Miss Global Brazil, Marcela Araki Yamaguti
  9. Miss Global Bulgaria, Valeriya Georgieva Dokuzova
  10. Miss Global Cambodia, Anita Leak
  11. Miss Global Cameroon, Marie Corinne
  12. Miss Global Canada, Armita Jalooli
  13. Miss Global China,Chalsey Nguyen
  14. Miss Global Colombia, Dahiana Aguilar
  15. Miss Global Congo, Christella Ilunga
  16. Miss Global Croatia, Nina Benic
  17. Miss Global Czezh Republic, Marie Danci
  18. Miss Global Dominican Republic, Francheska Pujols (@missfrancheska)
  19. Miss Global Egypt, Mirna Kiddes
  20. Miss Global France, Allison Carrasco (@alison_carrasco95), Miss Earth France 2022, Miss Élégance France 2022
  21. Miss Global Germany, Patricia Serena Rath
  22. Miss Global Ghana, Regina Darkwah (@regina_humbles) - Regina Ampofowaa Darkwah
  23. Miss Global Greece, Maria Pappas
  24. Miss Global Guinea, Aissatou Dioumo Diallo (@diou_mo_) - DiDi Shic Astuh  (Chicmatrice mondiale)
  25. Miss Global Haiti, Nathalie Rigaud (@nmrigaud), Model, Multi-medium Artist, Optician
  26. Miss Global India, Mansi Chourasiya (@_mansi_chourasiya_)
  27. Miss Global Indonesia, Cynthia Ong (@cynthiakrnwn)
  28. Miss Global Iran, Mozghan Rastegar
  29. Miss Global Italy, Kate Tricia Gatpandan
  30. Miss Global Jamaica, Celine Waters
  31. Miss Global Japan, Michiru Yakuwa
  32. Miss Global Kazakhstan, Zuldhyz Serikbayeva
  33. Miss Global Kenya, Joy Mutheu
  34. Miss Global Korea, Robynn Ree
  35. Miss Global Laos, Vanh Budseng Vongchanthum
  36. Miss Global Latvia, Dorida Vlasova
  37. Miss Global Liberia, Hajamaya Mulbah
  38. Miss Global Lithuania, Zlata Kozlova
  39. Miss Global Malaysia, Taanusiya Chetty (@taanusiyaa_)
  40. Miss Global Myanmar, Akari Hsu
  41. Miss Global Mexico, Maurah Ruiz (@maurahruiz)
  42. Miss Global Moldova,     Irina Batiru Most
  43. Miss Global Monaco, Cristina Mateias
  44. Miss Global Mozambique, Quelusha Naftal
  45. Miss Global Netherlands, Lonja van der Zanden (@l.vd.z), Miss Global The Netherlands 2023, A Psychology Student, Academy Model Tilai Studio, Travel Enthusiast
  46. Miss Global New Zealand, Jade Parsons (@missglobalnz2023)
  47. Miss Global Nigeria, Chinelo Ibegbunam (@neylo__)
  48. Miss Global Norway, Helene Abildsnes
  49. Miss Global Panama, Marlenis Santamaria Cortes
  50. Miss Global Pakistan, Shafina Syah
  51. Miss Global Palestine, Ella Mualla
  52. Miss Global Paraguay, Barbara Benitez
  53. Miss Global Peru -
  54. Miss Global Philippines, Pearl Hung (@pearlhunggg)
  55. Miss Global Portugal, Ana Catarina Costa
  56. Miss Global Puerto Rico, Ashley Melendez (@ashley.melendezpr)
  57. Miss Global Russia, Polina Kalugina
  58. Miss Global Rwanda, Gretta Iwacu
  59. Miss Global Samoa, Haylani Pearl Karuppu
  60. Miss Global Scotland, Jacqueline Crawford
  61. Miss Global Serbia, Lara Stankovic
  62. Miss Global Sierra Leone,Adel Caroline Jusu
  63. Miss Global Singapore, Chloe Hung
  64. Miss Global Slovenia, Viktoriia Lobanova
  65. Miss Global Somalia, Zai Jama (@zaijama)
  66. Miss Global South Africa, Simphiwe Zama Ntombela (@zamantombelaa)
  67. Miss Global Spain, Raquel Robles (@raquelroblesrobles)
  68. Miss Global Sudan, Tasabeh Diab (@tasabihdiab)
  69. Miss Global Switzerland, Nadiya Karplyuk
  70. Miss Global Taiwan ROC, Linda Huang (@esmuylindah)
  71. Miss Global Thailand, Chonnikarn Supittayaporn (@kn_chony)
  72. Miss Global Tibet, Tenzin Paldon (@tezepaldon) - Withdrawn
  73. Miss Global Trinidad and Tobago, Maria Seelal (@maria_seelal)
  74. Miss Global Turkey, Derya Koc (@deria.koc)
  75. Miss Global Uganda, Naukenya Trisa
  76. Miss Global United States: Danielle Alura (@daniellealura))
  77. Miss Global Uzbekistan, Darya Masalskaya (dasha_v_mode)
  78. Miss Global Vietnam, Thuy Doan (@doanthuthuy268)
  79. Miss Global Venezuela, Iriana Pinto (@irianajpm)
  80. Miss Global Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe: Mitchell Kudzai Matizha ,The Zimbabwean Queen 2023, Miss Uz 2022, a Law student (UZ)

About: The the pageant industry veteran Van M. Pham, founder of Miss Global Organization, LLC created the Miss Global pageant in 2011, dedicated to "Empowering women, Embracing cultures, and Embodying the beauty within" for eligible female participants between the 18-35.years age range. Miss Global is an extravagant and prestigious competition beyond just the physical beauty of women from all over the world.

The contestants are encouraged to express their individuality with poise, grace, and wits. Being the Winner of Miss Global, a beauty and cultural pageant, is being a sponsor of goodwill, a trendsetter for leadership, and an ambassador for beauty and cultural diversity.


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