Streaming Now: Miss Venezuela 2023 - 2024 @ Venevisión with 25 Contestants, Coronation Show on Dec 7th

Miss Venezuela 2023 Grand Finale is set on Thursday, December 7, 2023 LIVE from The Pageant Venue Centro Comercial Líder, Caracas, Venezuela

Watch The LIVE Broadcast at Venevisión TV and Ve Plus, the Venevisión Plus DirecTV, FREE Stream for Whole World, Hosted by José Andrés Padrón and Maite Delgado

The Reigning Queen, Distrito Capital's Diana Silva TOP 10 Miss Universe & Miss Venezuela 2022 will crown her successor the winner in 25 Contestants as Miss Venezuela 2023 & Miss Universe Venezuela 2024 to go at Miss Universe Mexico Arena

Cojedes's Ariagny Daboín will crown her successor as Miss Venezuela World 2023 for the 72ND Miss World 2024-25 Pageant

Portuguesa's Andrea Rubio is going to crown her successor as Miss Venezuela International 2023 for the 62ND Miss International 2024-25

As per Miss Venezuela Organization this year "Five special episodes of "Misses con Propósito" can be seen exclusively through the different digital platforms of Venevisión Media and for the first time in the history of the contest a "Preliminary Gala" will be held with the swimsuit and gala parades in front of the qualifying jury. The "Special Bands Gala" continues and the public will have the last word, since starting today - and until Saturday, October 28 - they will be able to vote for their favorite at" Additionally all the 25 Contestants can be seen in Protagonistas de la Belleza telling their life moments.

Streaming NOW Check Miss Venezuela 2023: Check Results

Thu, Dec 7, 2023: The Jury Members / Judges / Selection Committee Members at Miss Venezuela 2023 competition are Journalist Luis Olavarrieta, Actress María Antonieta Duque, Footballer Alexander González, Fashion designer María Fernanda Vera, Photographer Guillermo Felizola, Event producer Claudia Salazar, and Marketing director Andrea Martínez.

The Streaming from the pageant venue, Centro Comercial Líder, Caracas, Venezuela is available at Venevisión Plus.

WINNER: Ileana Marquez Miss Venezuela 2023 (Amazonas)

WINNER: Sakra Guerrero Miss Venezuela International 2023     

TOP 5 & Runners-up

  1. 1ST Runner-up: Giorgiana Rosas, Anzoátegui
  2. 2ND Runner-up: Daniela Celis, Mérida
  3. 3RD Runner-up: Cindy Granadillo, Yaracuy

TOP 10

  1. Minerva Chuello, Táchira
  2. Katherine Sena, Nueva Esparta
  3. Sheba Sichini, Cojedes
  4. Dayana Lara, Amacuro
  5. Anakristina River, Sucre

Special Awards

  1. Miss Congeniality Winner: Aragua, Georgette Musrie
  2. Miss Photogenic Winner: Amazonas, Ileana Márquez
  3. Miss Elegance Winner: Amazonas, Ileana Márquez
  4. Miss Influencer Winner: Mérida, Daniela Celis
  5. Miss Extreme Beauty Winner: Anzoátegui, Giorgiana Rosas
  6. Miss Beauty Without Limits Winner: Mérida, Daniela Celis
  7. Miss Perfume of Beauty Winner: Lara, Mariam Samira Habach
  8. Miss Elegance in Heels Winner: Yaracuy, Cindy Granadillo
  9. Miss Always Original Winner: Monagas, Rosmellys Romero
  10. Miss Figure Winner: Anzoátegui, Giorgiana Rosas
  11. Miss Catwalk Hands Winner: Yaracuy, Cindy Granadillo
  12. Miss Radiant Hair Color Winner: Distrito Capital, Victoria Abuhazi
  13. Miss Líder Winner: La Guaira, Graciela Altuve
  14. Miss Sympathy Winner: Guárico, Sakra Guerrero
  15. Best Hair Winner: Táchira, Minerva Chuello
  16. Best Face Winner: Aragua, Georgette Musrie
  17. Best Dress Winner: Lara, Mariam Samira Habach designed by Richard Ramírez

2023 Miss Venezuela Preliminary Competition Stream Dec 4th at 8pm

Monday, December 4, 2023: For the first time in pageant history, Miss Venezuela 2023-24 Preliminary Gala is set with the 25 candidates parading in swimwear and gala costume in front of the Selection Committee starting at 8pm @ Venevision Broadcast and Stream LIVE @

Streaming Now: Presentation of 25 Contestants at Miss Venezuela 2023 for Miss Universe 2024, Miss World 2024 and Miss International 2024

Sat, Sep 9, 2023: Now happening The Ceremony Revealing Officially The Candidate LIVE in The Presentation Gala Of The Candidates For Miss Venezuela 2023 (gala de bandas especiales), watch the national broadcast at the Venevision TV and OR here at URL

Henrys Silva and Nieves Soteldo are the hosts to the Special Sash Ceremony at Miss Venezuela on-stage with 25 Contestants.

Update - The recording of LIVE Stream was not published at Youtube but can be watched anytime here

Comprehensive In-Person Evaluation aka Evaluación Presencial Integral (EPI) at Caracas

Miss Venezuela Pageant runs individual personality assessment based on important factors which decides the suitability of a contestant to represent her region. This year Misses of Anzoátegui, Aragua, Bolívar, Carabobo, Monagas and Zulia are selected based on EPI Results. The EPI is meant revealing the contestants' physical beauty, emotional intelligence, personal development, projection in front of the cameras, public speaking, presence and personality in personal interview process.

The LIST of Miss Venezuela 2023 Contestants for Miss Universe 2024 and Miss International 2024

  1. Miss Sucre 2023, Anakristina Rivero, Anakristina Rivero Quero @anakristinar, Valencia
  2. Miss Bolivar 2023, Argi Luna / Argiannis Isabel Luna Millán @argiannisl, Bolívar
  3. Miss Yaracuy 2023 / Cindy Granadillo / Cindy Mar Stefany Granadillo Escobar @cindygrand_, Maracaibo
  4. Miss Falcon 2023, Cynthia Boscán / Cynthia Paola Boscán Pereira @cynthiaboscan, Maracaibo
  5. Miss Mérida 2023, Daniela Celis González @danielacelisg, Mérida
  6. Miss Delta Amacuro, Dayana Lara / Dayana del Carmen Lara Escobar, Bejuma
  7. Miss La Guaira 2023, Graciela Altuve / Graciela Carolina Altuve Mendoza @gracielaaltuve, La Guaira
  8. Miss Aragua 2023, Georgette Musrie / Georgette Gabriela Musrie Efeisa @georgettemusrie, Maracay
  9. Miss Anzoátegui 2023, Giorgiana Rosas / Giorgiana Carolina Rosas Rodríguez @giorgirosas, Maracaibo
  10. Miss Amazonas 2023, Ileana Marquez Pedroza / Ileana del Carmen Márquez Pedroza @ileanamarquezpedroza, Valencia
  11. Irmar Adrianeth Cabrices Espinoza @irmarcabrices, Caja Seca
  12. Miss Nueva Esparta, Katherine Sena aka Katherine Marie Sena Paiva @katherine_sena_, Caracas
  13. Mariam Samira Habach Wahbi @itsmariamhabach, Barquisimeto
  14. Mariangela Valentina Ramírez Ortegano @mariangela_ramirez12, Valencia
  15.  María Gabriela Martínez García @soymags, Caracas
  16.  María Victoria Sinaí Abuhazi Ceballos @victoriabuhazi, Caracas
  17.  Minerva Alejandra Chuello Cantor @chuellominerva, San Antonio del Táchira
  18.  Omaira Carolina Morales Castro @omamorack, Monay
  19.  Racha Saab Hatoum @kasandrasaab, Timotes
  20.  Rosmellys Ysabel Romero Guevara @rosmeromero26, Maturín
  21.  Raulimar Sthephani Díaz Vargas @raulimardiaz, San Juan de los Morros
  22.  Miss Guárico, Sakra Del Valle Guerrero Roldán @sakraguerrero, San Juan de los Morros
  23.  Flor Sarahy (Sara) Jordan Vílchez @sarajordan10, Maracaibo
  24.  Miss Cojedes, Sheba Sichini aka Sheba Eunice Sichini Comunian @shebasichini, Valencia
  25.  Yuliana Paola Hidalgo Morán @yulianahidalgo2, Maracaibo

Espacio at the Líder is announced as The Miss Venezuela 2023 Pageant Venue

The final night of the most important beauty pageant in the country will take place in the entertainment area of ​​the renowned Caracas shopping center

Caracas, Venezuela, May 17, 2023: Miss Venezuela Pageant and Venevisión Media are pleased to announce that the crowning ceremony of the 2023 edition of the contest will be held at Espacio , the event center located in the upper part of the Líder de the city of Caracas.

The choice of Espacio as the venue for Miss Venezuela 2023 is the result of a strategic alliance between the Líder Shopping Center and Venevisión Media , which will offer a unique and unforgettable show with privileged views of El Ávila.

“ Espacio has the ideal size and scale to host Miss Venezuela , it also has vertical communication, parking, and is easily accessible, even by public transportation. The dimension of the show is perfectly adapted to the facilities and the show that is being designed for this year”, commented Manuel Fraiz-Grijalba, executive vice president of Venevisión Media.

The architectural design of Espacio is innovative, it has good acoustics and allows you to enjoy the best climate in the city. The terrace has a capacity of up to 5,000 people and will undoubtedly be able to accommodate all the guests and the general public that are expected to attend the 71st edition of Miss Venezuela.

“In the Líder family we feel super excited about this magnificent alliance. Our goal is very common, to build a great Venezuela with basic principles of social and cultural impact; In addition, it is the first time that it is held in the Sucre municipality and the people of Sucre should feel proud to bring the event to our municipality”, expressed Gustavo García, executive director of the Líder Shopping Center.

“It will be a show that will not lack for anything, with first class ingredients. As always, we will have a show that will not disappoint the public or the media. Today we celebrate this first news and new details of the 2023 beauty season will be revealed later , ”said Julio Iglesias, production director of Venevisión.

The magic of the final night of Miss Venezuela 2023 at the Espacio facilities will be a different experience. Miss Venezuela, Venevisión Media and the Líder Shopping Center are committed to combining their talents to offer an event full of emotions and, as is tradition, a show of the highest quality.


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