Streaming Now Miss Perú La Pre 2024

Miss Peru la Pre Loreto wins Miss Perú La Pre 2024 crown, Check Full Results

Today on Sunday, April 14, 2024, the Miss Perú La Pre 2024 pageant final hosted by Dra. Nathaly Andrea Terrones, Miss Supranational Peru and Joel Farach Marquina, Miss Supranational Peru is streaming now live starting at 7pm from the pageant venue Patronato del Centro de la Amistad Peruano China in Jesús María District, Lima, Peru, watch here:

Results: Winner: Cleysi Angulo, Miss Perú La Pre 2024 (Loreto)


  1. 1ST Runner-up: Anne Thorsen (ICA)
  2. 2ND Runner-up: Ailemys Hernandez (Lima Centro)


  1. Surco Nuevo
  2. Rimac

TOP 10

  1. Lima Centro
  2. Amazonas
  3. La Libertad
  4. San Martín
  5. Lima Capital
  6. Lima Oeste

TOP 20

Miss Fotogénica @ Miss Perú la Pre 2024

  • Winner: Ailemys Hernandez (Lima Centro)
  • Second: Josiane Sciotti
  • Third: Fabianna Beretta

Check The List of Contestants at Miss Perú La Pre 2024

  1. Miss Perú La Pre Lima Región, Hillary Meza
  2. Miss Perú La Pre San Martín, Camila Escobar
  3. Danna Arguedas
  4. Andrea García
  5. Fernanda Chung
  6. Kyomi Mori
  7. Yulyanna Flores
  8. Miss Perú La Pre Amazonas, Estefany Meléndez
  9. Miss Perú La Pre Lima Sur, Adriana Maya
  10. Daniella Barrantes
  11. Suemi Oshiro
  12. María Fernanda Núñe
  13. Miss Perú La Pre La Libertad 2024, Miranda Sosa
  14. Miss Peru la Pre Loreto 2024, Cleysi Angulo
  15. Josiane Sciotti
  16. Fabianna Beretta
  17. Deysi Tenorio
  18. Miss Perú la Pre Lima Centro 2024, Ailemys Hernandez
  19. Valeria Valentina Valverde
  20. Miss Perú La Pre Lima Norte 2024, Whuionmy Soria Castro
  21. Miss Peru La Pre Ica 2024, Anne Thorsen, Reina de la Vendimia 2023


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