Streaming Now: Miss Grand Lamphun & Lampang 2024 from KHUM KHAM International Convention Center

Results: Prada Thansita Dilhokanansakul is crowned Miss Grand Lampang 2024

Pring Chutiya Jiarakul is crowned Miss Grand Lamphun 2024

Sat, Dec 13, 2023: The Miss Grand Thailand 2024 Preliminary, Miss Grand Lamphun & Lampang 2024 is Streaming Now from KHUM KHAM International Convention Center. The After Coronation Party includes MGLL X Snack Ajcharee Srisuk Mini Concert including Miss Grand Lamphun & Lampang 2024 winners. Snack is the 3rd Runner-up Miss Grand Thailand 2023.

Watch here LIVE who are crowned as successors of the reigning queens Manika Thippanet Miss Grand Lampang and Chayathanus Saradatta Lampang Lamphun:

The special guest is PUNCH Jesita Aramkham Miss Grand Samutprakan 2024 at the Khum Kham International Convention Center Chiang Mai Province.

The Miss Grand Lamphun (มิสแกรนด์ลำพูน) and Miss Grand Lampang (มิสแกรนด์ลำปาง) pageants are preliminaries of Miss Grand Thailand Pageant.

The TOP 16 Contestants

The Miss Grand Lamphun & Lampang 2023 organizer is Thumdo Vision Art Company Limited and presented by RENATAR Celeb Team


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