Stephanie Terrazas is NAMED Miss Supranational Bolivia 2023: Supra Experience

Thu, May 11, 2023: Last Month Promociones Gloria announced the appointment of Stephanie Terrazas Miss Supranational Bolivia 2023 to compete at 14th Miss Supranational 2023 as Bolivian Representative.

Last year Stephanie Terrazas competed in Miss Bolivia 2022 Pageant and won the 6th Runner-up / Sexta Finalista and Miss Orb Bolivia 2022 placement competing as Srta. Cochabamba. She competed at the debut edition and emerged winner as TOP 10 Miss Orb International 2022 on Tuesday, August 30, 2022.

This year Miss Supranational 2023 Pageant is scheduled on Friday, July 14, 2023 at the traditional Pageant Venue Strzelecki Park Amphitheater, Nowy Sącz, Małopolska, Poland. South African Beauty Queen Lalela Mswane Miss Supranational 2022 is current reigning queen who was elected when she win against 68 contestants. This year she will crown her successor at the end of Grand Finale as new Miss Supranational 2023.

About Stephanie Terrazas

Stephanie Terrazas, graduated with a degree in Business Administration. She is currently working in her father’s construction company and opening a health juice business with her brothers.

Tefy plans to pursue a degree in digital marketing in the near future. 

Terrazas describes herself as a very adventurous and very empathetic woman. When traveling, she likes to try all the interesting local dishes of a country even if they are perceived as strange by others. 

In social front she works on #FromtheGroundUpCSI Project is about caring for our environment and creating small urban forests to raise awareness about the importance of our trees and plants. 

Contestant's Statement

“Trust in every decision you are making”
I am completely grateful for the opportunity and the confidence that @pgloriaoficial is giving me to be able to represent Bolivia at @misssupranational
I am committed to preparing myself in the best way, I know that with discipline and a lot of dedication I will carry the name of my country high.
Thanks to all the people who have always supported me in every decision I made in my life and to @misscochabambaoficial for all the support and commitment they have with me.

- Stephanie Terrazas Miss Supranational Bolivia 2023

Stephanie Terrazas Supra Experience

I thought many times about giving up: Stephanie Terrazas from Poland

Thu, Jul 6, 2023: Stephanie Terrazas Miss Supranational Bolivia 2023 has Supra Experience of Eight Days/ She has yesterday made a shocking revelation cum confession. Tefy Terrazas @tefyamus said "After 8 days, Finally got my hands on them!!!!!! I will not lie to you that I thought many times about giving up but the support of my parents, brothers, boyfriend, all my family, friends, supra contestants (supra sisters), missologists and people who gave me their support and words of encouragement made me continue in this contest! This trip has been quite an adventure that I'll tell you about sometime from the beginning! but all this I lived I take it as an experience and a learning more in my life, thank you wholeheartedly"

Bolivian Beauty Queen at 13TH 14TH Miss Supranational 2023 Pageant further adds "And I want to give a very special thank you to @jillyanchue that despite being in a contest provided to lend me any outfit I needed and to @sanclerfrantz who was there for me at all times! In fact, I have two great friends in this contest "

Terrazas  expressed gratitude for her people saying "I have to give thanks equally to the Bolivian residents in Brazil and consulate for giving me all the support, Thanks to my organization @misscochabambaoficial and @pgloriaoficial for the support" and finally she concludes "Now to shine even stronger and give everything." Check The Image showing her touching her own baggages here.

Departure Statement

"Today I leave for Poland, not only to fulfill a dream!! I go with the commitment to do my best to make the best representation for my beloved Bolivia!! The road to the goal. won't be easy, but I know that with your support everything will be easier and beautiful!!" Check Departure LOOK Visuals Here donning a She's Moda Violet Suit.

Result - She was not placed in semi-final.


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